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Chapter 13

Her twin brother gave her a look. “He’s already the champion. Now that you’re happy, you’re not going to do your homework anymore?”

“My parents don’t even care about me, why do you care?”

“Because I don’t want to lose face for having such a shameful sister.”

“You…you…you… Great, believe it or not, I’ll send you a love letter tomorrow.” The girl screamed at his back.

Her twin brother turned his head and glanced at her. “Don’t you dare try”

The sister bit her lower lip then smiled very proudly. “I tell you, I know the girls who love you, and they asked me to send you a love letter! One that is written with deep affection. Oh! young love!”

“Xing Yinuo” The brother looked angry.

“Xing Yifan” The sister smiled and called him.

The young man decided to ignore his twin sister, and the young girl also had no time to pay him an attention. She groaned and continued with her idea. She clasped her hand and prayed, “God, let that child be big brother’s, it must be his! Ah!”

The champion baby Tang Yixi was thrown into the car by his mommy through his collar. Tang Siyu was angry, very very angry. Sitting in the car, her pair of eyes stared at her son angrily, and asked, “Why, why did you do this?”

“I want my father to protect you!” The little guy looked at her pitifully.

“Tang Siyu, don’t be angry, the little gut wants his father, it’s justifiable!” Su Xi advised her.

“Su Xi don’t persuade me, I have to talk to him about this thing today.

The little guy lower his eyes then looked at his fuming mommy. He didn’t expected for his mommy to be this angry.

“Mommy, where is my father?” The little guy squinted his eyes and asked with a crying face.

He was calm when he was on stage. But this time in front of his mommy, it was all gone. He was still his mommy’s little baby after all.

Tang Siyu originally wanted to teach her son a lesson. But looking at his pitiful expression, her heart softened. She sighed. “Mommy doesn’t know who he is nor where he is  But you can rest assured that mommy loves you the most. Mommy… mommy will take care of you all your life and always stay by yor side.”

After that Tang Siyu hugged her son. The little guy sucked his nose, “Mommy, do you want me to find father?”

“Xiao Xi, your mommy told me that when she and your father gave birth to you, it was a special situation. You can say that they had no emotional foundation. So if you find your father, you will bring trouble to your mommy.” Su Xi whispered softly.

“But I want my father.” The little guy still wanted to find his dad.

“Well, mommy doesn’t blame you, doesn’t blame you, but if we can’t find him?” Tang Siyu’s hug tightened.

The little guy sucked his nose obidiently. He could only do what he could do.

At night, Tang Siyu had insomia. She tried hard to recall the face of the bastard. However, she really could’nt remember. That evening, the man’s curtain were tightly shut, even the moonlight could’nt pour in. She only remembered that his voice was very cold, and he was very disgusted with her. He said that he didn’t want to see her face.

That man was simply a demon. After doing that to her, he still abandoned her. He’s such a jerk.

Therefore, such a man, even if he’s her son’s father, she absolutely didn’t wanted to see his appearance. She hoped that this matter, as soon as possible, would be forgotten by the people. And later, there would be no man who claims to be the father of her child.

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