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Even though Elrond had lost his magic power, he still retained his understanding and knowledge of magic.

It was akin to how a bankrupt ex-billionaire would still know the most efficient way to get a female star into his bed.

It's obvious that he had made preparations to handle any unexpected situations he would encounter. He should have quite a few magical items on his body. These items were all disguised as normal, everyday objects, but they were all just waiting to be activated.

That's why Elrond was still a monster. A monster who had lost all his magic power, but could still be a physical/magic dual-type through the use of tools!

Alas, man proposes but god disposes. Even with all the preparations he had made, he's almost at his wit's end. It's the time for both sides to lay down their cards on the table.

As soon as Melody regained her freedom, she would be able to display the strength of a twilight Elf. There would also be 2 formidable MT's protecting her in Reef and Sheyan. Defeat would almost be a certainty for Elrond.

But if Elrond managed to rush over and interfere with Sheyan's removal of the ring, then Elrond would have the overwhelming advantage!

However, when the charging Elrond was only 10 meters away from Sheyan, he started shivering and coughing violently! The terrible coughing noise echoed throughout the forest. The whole ordeal was really ridiculous, and extremely bizarre. Even the Elven mage at the side couldn't believe it.

The terrible power of the Pestilence Monarch was showing its might at this critical juncture!

Elrond possessed a wealth of battle experience and he had maintain a high awareness. As soon as he felt something was wrong, he immediately activated the magic items on his body without hesitation.

At least five items on him exploded and burst into sparks of light, including his belt, his hairpiece and the accessories he wore on his waist. He was instantly surrounded by multiple rays of light that circulated around his body. But none of them could dispel the debuffs caused by Pestilence Monarch!

As the Lord of Rivendell, every magic item he brought was a rare object of high quality. Especially because he knew that these items would determine his life or death, he couldn't be careless. The items cost him a fortune.

But harsh reality hit him right in the face.


They were all ineffective!

The power of a 9th rank, mutated, hidden S-grade ability was showcased in its full glory!

If Elrond was still the Elven king from before, he would have instantly noticed the irregularities from the Pestilence Monarch aura as soon as he stepped into its area of effect due to the natural affinity that the Elves had towards plants. Unfortunately, he's a human now...

That's right, in a human body, Elrond couldn't withstand the weird and terrifying might of the Pestilence Monarch!

Sheyan didn't want to alert Elrond, so he merely let the viruses in Elrond's body to remain dormant before this. He only activated them now, and they turned out to be a great help.

At the same time, the Ring of Air, Vilya had been continuously releasing a series of noises which sounded rather similar to radio static. It sounded as if was really unwilling yet really helpless. In the end, it was forcefully pulled off Melody's finger by Sheyan.

But a few strains of light remained on the surface of the ring. They stuck themselves to Melody's finger like thick and tenacious glue and refused to let go.

It's obvious from the strenuous look on Sheyan's face that as soon as he was forced to defend himself, the ring would snap back into place. All his previous effort would be wasted.

A cold glint flashed across Elrond's eyes. He definitely couldn't give up! He released a roar in anger, and his body emitted the sound of something breaking apart. He then held his right hand with his left and took aim at Sheyan.

It's common knowledge that the Elves were exceptional, natural-born archers. There was a saying that all Elves could be divided into 2 categories: those that can hit the target with a bow a hundred times out of a hundred, and those that can hit the target ninety-nine times out of a hundred.

Within Elrond's long life, he spent a large portion of it on magical studies, but he had also dabbled in archery before. His mother, Elwing was even someone who left her name in Elven history by relying on her strength in archery.

The technique that Elrond was using now was the strongest archery skill his mother left behind!

The Arrow of Death!

(T/N note: The word used for 'arrow' here could also mean 'vow'.)

With his body as the bow, his limb as the arrow; to direct with his flesh, and draw with his soul!

Elrond's whole body looked like fully-drawn bow that is about to release a terrifying arrow!

With a crack, the index finger of Elrond's right hand shot out with force, like a bloody arrow full of malice. The force of the finger was so great that it produced a series of exploding noises from the compression of the air. A feeling of dread filled the entire battlefield!

The surrounding trees and grass rapidly withered away. A gigantic whirlpool formed within the clouds above them. This skill completely absorbed the living breath of all lives around Elrond. It's a double-edged sword that harmed himself first before damaging the enemy!

The strike was projected like an arrow, yet no arrows in the world could traverse with such speed.

The strike was as quick as lightning, yet no lightning in the world could produce such a thunderous roar.

The strike was as sudden as light, yet no light in the world could contain such murderous intent!

Faced with such an attack, Sheyan's expression instantly stiffened. He could clearly feel the threat of death! Even if he had 'Life-Link' on him, he wasn't invincible. As long as the attack of the enemy was strong enough, it could take out both Sheyan and Reef at the same time!

What would Sheyan do now? Would he stay or would he go?

At that moment, a strange feeling enveloped Sheyan. Someone unexpected appeared a distance away diagonally behind him. The person was Franklin, who had almost no sense of existence since the beginning of the battle.

He pointed his staff at Sheyan and a light burst forth. He seemed to have planned this for a while. An illusionary image which looked exactly like Sheyan was projected out from Sheyan's body!

This was Franklin's special ability - Complete Copy! The doppelganger produced would completely inherit the target's HP and defense. However, it couldn't use any skills and only had 33% of the target's attack power.

The doppelganger produced by Franklin materialized in front of Sheyan and blocked Elrond's last ditch attempt!

Sheyan was only affected by the resulting aftershock, but even so, he felt as if heaven and earth lost their original colors and turned into a world of black and red. The only sight he could see was the eerie white bone, and the only sound left in his ears were the howls of distressed souls.

From an outside perspective, after Elrond's Finger Arrow hit Sheyan's doppelganger, the dimension itself shook. The finger and the doppelganger both exploded into a large cloud of bloody mist!

Throughout all this, Sheyan hadn't forgotten what he had to do. With a shout, he forcibly tore Vilya completely free from Melody's finger!

The shrill sound of the seal breaking rang out in the ears of everyone present. A large clutter of light dispersed helplessly across the forest.

Sheyan's crazy method of breaking the seal by force had actually foiled Elrond's intricately woven plan!

The weak-looking Melody stood up at once. A soft green glow covered her completely. She opened her mouth, and a voice as sweet as an angel's echoed through the dense wood. Her song breathed life back into the dead trees around them.

The injuries of Sheyan and the others there were healing at a surprising speed. Franklin's MP that had bottomed out was also filling up like the rising tide. The life in her song calmed their hearts. Next, Melody casted the Twilight Elf's blessing on both Sheyan and Reed. Small globes of green lights from the surrounding congregated themselves around them both.

Sheyan and Reef instantly felt refreshed, as if they were born anew. A feeling of coolness filled their bodies and washed away all impurities. But the most surprising thing was that when the Stairway of the Sun within Sheyan was touched by this gust of energy, it felt as if it jumped in joy. Sheyan was filled with an indescribable bliss.

The Melody now was no longer the Melody from before. Her Twilight Elf's blessing was a lot stronger. When Reef and Sheyan read the notification, they instantly turned speechless.

[You have received the Twilight Elf's blessing: You receive a strong Rejuvenation spell. All the debuffs on you are dispelled. Your HP will recover by 5% per second until it is full. All resistances increased by 45%. All beneficial effects determined by probability will have their percentages increased by 15% (including, but not limited to: hit rate, explosive hit rate, assimilation success rate, etc.) For every damage you receive, 25% of the damage will be converted into your HP. Duration: 48 hours.]

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