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The storage specifics is this - when any member stores an object but his current location exceeds the regulated proximity, only party members within the effective distance of that member can access it. Anyone else would not be able to access it. As such, the items of the party storage would be locked by distance at the instance it is stored.

Putting that in perspective, if Sheyan had stored the 'Stairway of the Sun' sapling he acquired from the hidden world into the party storage, Reef and Brother Black would only be able to access it if they were within the effective regulated proximity. As such, only Sheyan could freely retrieve it.

This eliminates a 'communication cheat' where Sheyan could simply drop a note inside his party storage, allowing Mogensha or Reef, who had returned safely to the nightmare realm, to read instructions detailed on the note; thereby engaging in supremely long-distance communication.

After Mogensha and Reef departed for the real world, Sheyan was about to sell off the 'Golden Beetles' and 'Silver Beetles'. Suddenly, he thought of something and hastened towards the roof military headquarters, testing his luck if he could see them off as unknown strange objects. After reaching there, the relevant military authority revealed that his 'Silver Beetles' couldn't, but he unexpectedly managed to sell off the 'Golden Beetles' for a high valuation of 6 achievement points!

Actually, the exorbitant valuation of the 'Golden Beetle' wasn't without logic. It was, after all, an extremely rare item in a hidden world. Thus, Sheyan straightforwardly sold if off.

Following that, Sheyan tried to appraise that unknown 'Pandora's Egg', but eventually failed with the realm informing him that he needed to deposit it for a period of time for appraisal. Viewing his circumstances, he decided to sell it off as an unknown strange object, which would still be greatly beneficial. Sadly, the realm didn't classify it as an unknown strange object, causing him to be fruitless after counting his chickens before they hatch.

Of course, next up was title synthesis! According to his earlier received notification, title synthesis could only be done in the realm. After investigating in the military headquarters for the specialized realm location for title synthesis, he raced off with large strides.

On the way to his destination, his mind abruptly welled up with an irresistible notion.

"I wonder how devastating the conflict between Glory Party and the Illume-union has developed…"

This single notion then snowballed into a long series of thoughts.

"Clearly, Glory Party's might is vastly superior to the Illume-union. Frankly speaking, by extricating ourselves with the help of the hidden world then, we'd probably incited a great calamity on the Illume-union.....hmph, since the proposed alliance deal fell out and the Illume-union actually sold us out to win more time for their development...they can't blame me."

"However, Glory Party and the Illume-union…...the two party names are centered around brightness. If I'm not wrong, the two were probably one before. Could it be, Zeus was the root source of the Illume-union's division? The Illume-union I encountered back during my first entry into the Pirates of the Caribbean world, definitely had a larger core than the one Zi presently commands. It feels as if they were incredibly perfect then, with branches of contestants and stronger individuals, presumably the reserve-duty Growth-hunters. Perhaps, the Illume-union divided because Zi wanted to claim the top seat of party leader?"

'This conjecture is quite possible. A female party leader has this advantage - where long sleeves help one dance beautifully, a bewitching leader adept in coaxing others with her smooth and slick allurement. Such a party would inevitably result in a tendency where the master is weak, but the subjects are formidable. A weak but accepted leader guarded with a backbone core of powerful members, where her charm serves as a balance between all."

"Yet, Zi is evidently not such an individual. Thus, her forcibly attempting to take command may lead to the resentment of several backbone members. Moreover, she doesn't seem like a compromising individual…...from the looks of it, Zi's previous position was founded on the pillar of her relationship with Zeus. Thinking that she would accept him sooner or later, Zeus offered his valuable assistance, but simultaneously believed Zi's authority belonged to him as well. A pity Zeus overestimated his own charm, causing them both to split ways; turning from lovers to foes."

"....two morons."

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders as he ended with his critical judgment of both Zeus and Zi. In his eyes, the relationship within a party ought to be purely founded on survivability. If tensions become too overwhelming, a wonton sharing of bodily fluids would still be understandable. However, mentioning about relationships in the face of death, he couldn't help but brand them as morons.

Nevertheless to Sheyan, with his unresolvable conflict with the Metals Professor, Zeus was bound to become his enemy as well. This was an exceedingly redoubtable foe, and even worst, Sheyan currently had no knowledge of him at all.

Fortunately, with his analysis, Sheyan had roughly identified one of his weaknesses - Zi.

"That brat's character is probably arrogant and possessive. Seeing his attitude towards the Illume-union, as long as he doesn't get what he wants, he would rather destroy it. Therefore, if Zi survives, I wouldn't mind helping her."

Apart from that, Sheyan also badly wished to ask Zi, what she meant by delivering that blank message previously.

As he pondered while walking, Sheyan soon arrived at the realm location for title synthesis.

This was a location that only contestants who had activated their title synthesis ability could see. Clearly, the realm erected many barriers to test a contestant's potential. For example, a contestant knowing the specifics of title synthesis cannot divulge it to contestants who didn't.

Furthermore, the contestants even had to find out for themselves, regarding their promotion to Growth-hunter; where information was strictly sealed off. Hence, one could tell how strict the realm was in controlling external elements, wishing that contestants would mature in this aspect by their own strength.

Of course, Sheyan could grasp the realm's intention. They wished to comprehend a contestant's true potential, providing a fair assessment of each contestant and preventing external influences from affecting one.

Before 10 seconds was up from reaching this place, Sheyan received an acknowledgment from the realm, asking him to confirm if he wished to enter the zone for title synthesis.

All of a sudden, he rapidly submerged and several seconds later, found himself in an extremely tiny space A automatic machine analogous to an 'ATM' could be seen here.

Sheyan strolled over and pressed his palm down onto the indicated region by the machine. Instantly, a fingerprints and DNA processing verification was activated. When this dormant machine abruptly started up, it emitted a deep buzzing sound. After swiftly verifying Sheyan's identity, it listed out all of his titles. Furthermore, it segregated his titles into different classes and types.

[ Black Iron Class titles: ]

[ Alcohol Master, Pirate Captain ]

[ Hidden title: Pirate Ringleader ]

[ Ordinary titles: Bowtruckles' Feedback, Blood-thirsty 1, Meat Owner, Penetrate, Plunderer, Headhunter, Outstanding Worker, Fearless, Smuggler, Invader, Marsh Cleanser ]

By the list of titles, exhibited a set of regulations. Moreover, that was even an option of simulation. Of course, that option costs a fixed fee, and though it wasn't considered expensive, it absolutely wasn't cheap either.

After engaging in a simulation, he only boasted of a 70% basic success rate to synthesize two ordinary titles. As for synthesizing three ordinary titles, the success rate would dip to 30%.

In order to raise the success rate, one could only do so by burning titles. Burning a title during synthesis of ordinary titles, would bolster the success rate by 20%. Naturally, that burnt title would be lost. Fortunately, even if some titles were burnt, they could be redone. Sheyan took note that back in the Avatar world, Uzel and Lille had specially offered Party Ace benefits to acquire the three titles - 'Plunderer', 'Penetrate', and 'Headhunter'.

Frankly speaking, the properties of those three titles were fairly average, and Sheyan was already suspicious then. Why would they pay money just to acquire three mediocre titles? Right now, he finally understood.

Burning those three titles could produce an additional success rate boost. The normal boost when burning a title would be merely 20% success rate, yet those three titles unexpectedly provided 30% increase in success rate.

Of course, Sheyan also sampled to simulate synthesis between two Black-Iron class titles, or Black-Iron class and ordinary titles.

It was only to be expected, the success rate instantly frantically declined! Between two Black-Iron class titles, the success rate was as low as 10%. Moreover, burning an ordinary title could only boost the rate by 5%. Even by burning those three titles of the Avatar world, they only offered a 10% increase each.

Sheyan also investigated the consequence of title synthesis failure.

In the case of failure, nothing would happen to the titles involved. However, the utility and potential points expended would be considered as squandered. Apart from that, the burnt title would similarly be destroyed.

If one didn't possess sufficient titles to burn, one could also boost the success rate by burning achievement points. Each achievement point would increase success rate by 1%. Similarly, if the process fails, that achievement point would not be refunded.

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