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Facing his two party members' question, Sheyan contemplated a little before chuckling in response.

"Since Zi and the rest were able to pass the test and breakthrough the boundary to become an official Growth-hunter, why can't I?

Sheyan's words were relaxed and calm, deemphasizing the difficulty of such a task. Yet the impression he emanated was a vibrant haughtiness, brimming with unparalleled self-confidence!

Hearing those words, Brother Black was suddenly stumped for words; licking his thick lips, as he swallowed his saliva. He then slapped his rifle with a thoughtful expression, before laughing aloud and exclaiming to Reef.

"Well said, big brother. Reef you go first! Our boss isn't a modest individual. Since he wants us to choose, then do so forthrightly!"

Reef was trembling violently from head to toe, and sighed deeply before forcing out his words to Sheyan.

"Then……..then I'll choose that 'Alkelu High-energy Injection'."

After finishing his statement, Reef staggered two steps backwards as though his strength had left him. Shutting his eyes, he allowed the wall to support his weight. After Sheyan had chosen that item option, a bright resplendent shimmering dosage injection shockingly appeared in his palm. Then, he smiled gently and handed it over to Reef. Reef accepted it with trembling hands....even the dosage injection wobbled unstably within his own hands!

As Sheyan handed the injection dosage to Reef, he could greatly comprehend Reef's current emotions. He pressed his palm in firmly, tightening the injection dosage within Reef's palm as he lightly whispered.

"Everything else is in the past, you have been granted a new beginning."

Reef started blankly at this injection dosage. Then he kept it, and took it out again. Keeping it, before once again taking it out; as though this was just a dream. A second later, he turned around with both hands covering his face. His forehead pressed silently against the wall behind, as tears poured down from within the cracks of his fingers.

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders helplessly, but he could wholeheartedly understanding him. For the sake of becoming an official Growth-hunter, Reef had sacrificed far too much, far too much. The pressure had compounded on his shoulders for far too long, far too long. Then, Sheyan lifted his chin towards Brother Black.

"It's your time, have you finished thinking? If not, do you need our Growth-hunter to offer us some recommendation?"

Mogensha laughed elatedly and answered.

"I'm done with thinking, I select reward E."

Sheyan immediately replied.

"Eh? I thought you would've selected reward H…..why?? You sure you want reward E?"

Mogensha faced the amazed Sheyan and nodded his head.

"That's an affirmative. Reward E it is, 1 'Cross Honorary Medallion'."

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders as he selected reward E.

"Since you decided on that, then so be it."

This 'Cross Honorary Medallion' had the dimensions of an ordinary coin. There wasn't a huge disparity between it and an average looking medal, except for a layer of dull gold radiance. Sheyan casually tossed it over to Brother Black. After Brother Black toyed with it for a while, he casually tossed it back to Sheyan. Sheyan caught it as he casted a suspicious stare over.

Brother Black lighted up a cigar, as he puffed heavily on it.

"Boss, after returning now, you should be able to directly promote to First Lieutenant right?"

Sheyan nodded and replied.

"That's right. I have 92 achievement points now, 70 points is adequate to promote to First Lieutenant."

Brother Black earnestly continued.

"After this world is over, though our evaluation score would surely be poor. However, based on your legend level and Silver Party leader status, acquiring 3 achievement points shouldn't be a problem. So hypothetically, right now you have 95 points. 100 achievement points would be enough to promote to Captain! I reckon, another 1 or 2 worlds and you will successfully promote again!"

"Therefore…..this 'Cross Honorary Medallion', is specially exchanged for you! Boss! You must understand, promoting from a captain rank is actually a qualitative advancement, instead of a quantitative one. From a Junior officer to a Field officer class! That is a major threshold! The amount of achievement points required for that gap, I'm afraid, it would at least require you to reach roughly 170 achievement points!"

"Speaking in reality, it is not possible for every world to acquire so many achievement points like in a realm war. Moreover, it is impossible to frequently encounter Golden Side Missions that can be exploited! To you, this 'Cross Honorary Medallion' is minimally worth a full 70 achievement points!"

Shayan gazed at Brother Black for a good long while, before nodding his head and sincerely offered.

"Thank you."

Brother Black shrugged his shoulders, but suddenly broke out into cunning laughters.

"Actually, this is also considering for myself. If you can promote your military rank faster, the party level will also scale swiftly……..and our party skills would naturally flow like the rising tide. Truthfully speaking, I am rather pleased with our party skills. Therefore, the faster you can promote your military rank, the greater I will benefit. Therefore, what I want to say is - no thanks."

Actually, Mogensha's conduct similarly aimed to solidify his position in the party. At present, why wouldn't he fail to notice the admiration Mcdh had for Sheyan, and couldn't eliminate the possibility of him enrolling to the party. Undoubtedly, Mcdh would conflict against Mogensha's current position. Besides, Mogensha was indeed lacking vastly when comparing in terms of dealing firepower.

Furthermore, Mogensha had first allowed Reef to choose, before proactively selecting the medal for Sheyan's sake; such an act, was like winning favour using someone else's property! Using the rewards of Sheyan's completed Golden Side Mission to curry favour with Sheyan! Actually to him personally, he wouldn't lose out at all. Instead, he would even gain the public's praises!

Nevertheless, this was Brother Black's instincts of protecting himself. Besides, he had grown up in a treacherous environment, without some scheming and shrewdness, it would be absolutely impossible to survive till now.

By now, Sheyan had strolled towards the crystal clear lake, which was still brimming with enchanting magic. Bending down, he dipped his finger into the water before retracting his finger to taste with his tongue. Immediately, his face revealed a cheery delight, as though he was a young boy locating the final piece of puzzle for his game; smiling with immeasurable gladness.

Sheyan glanced back towards old Mourbo, who was currently nursing his wounds. Then, he chuckled and uttered.

"My friend, I have never been one to treat a subordinate unfairly. Your heroism has not gone unnoticed by me, and I am truly sorry for the loss of your clansmen. However, I am incapable of resurrecting them. Still as of now, you are just an ordinary Tsahik right? I wonder if you are interested in becoming a powerful beloved Tsahik of Eywa like Mo`at?"

Previously when Old Mourbo had lunged against the Dolomedes, he had risked his old life in that assault. Hence, it was only proper for Sheyan to speak in this manner. After that old thing heard Sheyan's last statement, his originally dispirited and pale countenance was replaced with glowing radiance!

"I am very interested!!!"

Sheyan pointed towards those gently drifting, long violet branches within the lake.

"Break those things off, bring it back and place it before your Tree of Souls. You will then receive Eywa's favour."

Old Mourbo peered towards those alluring violet branches inside the lake. His mouth widened, but his voice turned hoarse.

"I…….I can't, and I do not dare to approach it. I don't know why, but when I look at it, it is like beholding Eywa. My heart flushes with fear and reverence, I am afraid…….."

At this moment, Mcdh couldn't resist the urge to ask.

"What exactly are those?"

Sheyan laughed and replied.

"It is indeed a long story, but fortunately we have some time…….this Golden Side Mission, it truly is worthy of such a costly valuation! It actually allowed us to fathom things deep into the inside story. Genuinely speaking, it is right to say those things are extraordinarily precious invisible treasures."

"Alright, then let's start from the top! I guess you should all understand the original storyline of the Avatar movie. Inside the original storyline, the main lead isn't the first Toruk Makto (Great Leonopteryx Rider), but the sixth*! It is revealed in the folklore legends of the na'vi race, only when a grave crisis like that of race extermination, would a Toruk Makto surface; leading all na'vi warriors to rise in battle. Thus because of that, a Toruk Makto is widely acclaimed as a hero of the legends."

(TN: Author actually writes 7th but wiki says its 6th, correct me if I'm wrong.)

Speaking till here, Sheyan paused as though seeking to organize his wordings. Then, he continued.

"But the main question lies in that! Eons before humans from earth had arrived on planet Pandora! Where would the na'vi race's crisis arise from? How tremendous is Mother Nature Eywa's strength? How patient was her temperament, that she could even ignore humans coming to mine on Pandora. Only when the Colonel had blew up her Tree of Souls, did her wrath become aroused!"

"Therefore, we can speak with assurance, there must certainly be other astronomical forces that exists of this planet; and the worst of those forces, could reach the extent of threatening the na'vi race with extinction. So much so, that there was an immense possibility that they had endangered the Tree of Souls of Mother Nature Eywa!"

Speaking till here, Sheyan could already see his audience revealing pensive and thoughtful expressions. Then, he finally expounded on his bold presumptions.

"Therefore…….since such a mystical divine life form such as Mother Nature Eywa can appear on this planet, then why wouldn't there be other divine life forms like the Mother of the Seas? Or the Mother of the Underworld? Perhaps, the Mother of the Skies!!!! Just think about what Mother Nature Eywa hails the Mosake clan! Corruptors! Only individuals who had betrayed one's faith, would be hailed as Corruptors! If my hypothesis holds up, then all the bizarre occurrences you can see now, can be easily solved; allowing us to arrive at a logical conclusion!"

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