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Chapter 70: At once

Dohyuk’s feet were covered in flames. The Parasitic Spirit that was once the Goddess of Flame granted Dohyuk the Divine Power to burn everything to ashes.


Dohyuk was facing the Tyrant face to face for the first time. He wasn’t that special at all. His height was average and he had a stout body. He was in his early thirties, and he was like any man that could be found anywhere on the road. However, Dohyuk saw that the man wasn’t shocked or anything at all.


It was too late to dodge. Dohyuk knew it, and his feet struck Jung Ilgyu’s neck.

Then Dohyuk kicked with the other foot to jumped back. As he landed on the ground and looked up-


A sharp pain pierced from his chest; a small blade had penetrated his stomach. It was the same weapon that killed Byungil a few hours ago. What shocked Dohyuk was the fact that it was not Yoo Giwon who had attacked him.

“You dare interfere in my fight?”

Ilgyu was infuriated, not at Dohyuk, but at Giwon. Dohyuk couldn’t see Ilgyu’s face clearly as his head was burning with the flames that he had created. The smell of burning flesh permeated the air, but Ilgyu did not scream.

“It’s hot.”

He turned toward Dohyuk and slapped his own face.

“It’s a nice flame. You would’ve gotten me if I didn’t have my items.”

Then the fire was put out. His face was burnt, and a few places were slightly burned, but that was it.

“So, is that it?”


“Do something if you have more.”

Dohyuk jumped again to launch his strongest kick. Ilgyu did not dodge.

“This too…”

Ilgyu spoke as he was hit by the foot, but he did not budge an inch. He then raised his palm to grab Dohyuk’s leg.

“You should have at least 200 in all physical stats… with some skills too. Is it a 4-star? Or 5-star skill? Very impressive. I can even make you a Four Circle right now.”

The crushed bones in the foot were painful, but Dohyuk suddenly felt his world spinning around. Ilgyu swung Dohyuk around like he did to Giwon. His leg wasn’t pulled out like Yoo Giwon’s arm however.

“Oh, this is really impressive.”

Ilgyu tried yanking him again, but Dohyuk kicked Ilgyu this time. When the third attack struck Ilgyu, one of his legs was pushed back, and there was a slight glass-like cracking sound at the point where Dohyuk had kicked.

Dohyuk had felt that on his first kick – Ilgyu had some kind of invisible barrier. And then came the fourth attack. However, it didn’t land as Ilgyu let go of Dohyuk’s foot.


The sound of bones and muscles twisting came from Ilgyu’s right arm. His right arm was now turning into a giant white sword. All his arm bones were turning into a sword. Dohyuk reached out to touch the sword, and in the slight second that his fingertips touched it, his hand was sliced into two.

“You f*ck.”

Then Dohyuk’s arm was sliced off, and the sword was swung again.

Dohyuk’s two legs landed on the ground, and his upper body dropped, cut off from its lower part.


“Oh, you’re alive. Good,” Ilgyu smiled as he looked at Dohyuk. Dohyuk tried to speak, but he couldn’t find his voice.

“Hmm. What a pleasant sight.”

Ilgyu grinned and turned to Giwon.

“Lucky for you. I feel good now.”


“So, I will stop here for today.”

“…I will do my best to complete your mission, sir.”

“Of course.”

Ilgyu’s right arm sword then turned back into a normal arm. The crack on his neck also returned back to normal. Ilgyu then walked out toward the exit and glanced at Dohyuk.

“But that was a shame. I’ve never seen that fighting style before. It seems like you’ve become more powerful with this second life, but why do you even try to fight?”

Ilgyu then looked away and talked to Giwon.

“Keep him alive okay? I’m sure you’re not a moron who finishes off in mercy.”

“Yes, sir.”

He cackled and moved out. Giwon then rose up. He could barely stand with his one arm, but he slowly put his hand into his mouth and took out his hidden medicine.


It was as Ilgyu said. Giwon had medicine that was powerful enough to heal his detached arm at once. However, he didn’t take it all himself. He walked toward Dohyuk, who had been sliced into two. Giwon tried to give the potion to Dohyuk, but Dohyuk resisted.


Dohyuk then searched for the blade that Giwon threw at him. It was stuck in his chest, but did not reach his flesh.

Ka’kudenol’s armor was still on him. Giwon had carried Dohyuk for a while so he knew the dagger would not kill him. He was only doing it to give Dohyuk a way to regenerate. Dohyuk grabbed the dagger.


The dagger disappeared, but it wasn’t enough. His arm regenerated, but his lower body wasn’t coming back. Dohyuk then flipped around and dragged himself toward his lower body and took out Kwangmin’s knuckle.


Giwon then gave him Byungil’s pole and Dohyuk’s body finally returned to normal.

“I thought it was going to be either of two. Either you succeed, or we’re all doomed.”

He drank the potion and slumped against the wall.

“But I guess there was a third option. At least you and I… we are both alive…”

“…No.” Dohyuk said, “This was the best.”


Dohyuk was still shaken from the aftermath, but he slowly took off the clothing from his ‘dead’ lower body to wear and turned to Giwon.

“At least I can now believe that you are enemy to the Tyrant.”

“…That’s good,” Giwon smiled. But so what? They didn’t have time now. Everything Giwon had planned was now in ruins.

“Didn’t you say it before Ilgyu came in? That you can find the treasure alone? Maybe you are right, although it’s impossible to find it within a week…”

“No need to do it.” Dohyuk had something else in mind, “If I’m not wrong, everything will be ready in a week, right?”

30 thousand people were required for the offering, along with the necessary supplies for the Tyrant to go over to China.

“If he really plans to win against the Swordmaster and take over China, he will take everything with him.”

“You…’re not wrong about that.”

Giwon understood what Dohyuk was saying. Ilgyu would bring everything to one place before leaving, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t a chance to take it all away from him. After all, they had no chance against the Tyrant.

“There is.”


“It’s not 100%.”

Dohyuk spoke as he looked down at his hand, the one that touched the ‘bone sword’. The sword was fast, but he clearly saw the words that popped up.



“…So…” Giwon couldn’t believe it. “You could have…”

“I probably could’ve digested it if I wanted to,” Dohyuk confirmed his thoughts.

“But why-”

“It wasn’t enough.”

Dohyuk wasn’t planning to win in the first place. He only thought it was worth it to see how powerful the man was. The Tyrant was powerful for sure.

“If I digested, Ilgyu would know that it was me.”

Then what would have happened after? What if they killed Ilgyu here? The things that weren’t in his hands would now end up in another person’s hands and would pose a separate threat.

It was not the right time to win.

“If we meet him again, he’ll have more.”

And if he saw Dohyuk as the one who uses ‘the leg’, he would relax and let down his guard. Then Dohyuk would go all out.

“What you need to do… is to bring me to that place at the right time. I guess you can do that at least.”


Giwon was at a loss for words. Dohyuk then struck his face with his fist.

“Carry me.”


“Let’s go. I don’t know what that ‘bracelet’ is, but it wouldn’t be bad to check it out first.”

It was going to be Dohyuk’s anyway.

They walked out and people were still shocked and terrified by the Tyrant’s visit. Giwon spoke to them with a cold voice.

“We’ll be moving to the northern canyons. It’s the Tyrant’s orders. If we don’t come back, no need to report.”

No one could reply and Giwon began walking out.

“But why did the man order you to bring that bracelet?”

Something was weird. If the place had such a valuable item, then a powerful man should’ve been stationed at the place already. Why would he order Giwon to go there?

“…No one stationed there.”


Giwon answered, “The god there… is mad.”

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