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Ji Mo Wu Chang started to chuckle.

As he laughed, his laughter turned into coughs again.

"There is a ninety-nine percent chance that your Divine Dragon Spirit Treasure would encounter a Heaven's Tribulation and there is a ninety-nine percent chance that it will not be able to survive it. Little Ya, I believe you had not told this to that lady, do you think we should invite that lady here and properly have a chat with the Head Elder?"

His tone was as gentle as before, like a flowing stream.

Ji Mo Ya shook his head, "No need, it is not because of her. It is I who do not want to make her feel aggrieved."

The elders who had looked calm and easygoing suddenly squinted their eyes but they did not utter anything.

Ji Mo Wu Chang lightly nodded to express he understood.

Continuing to maintain his casual deposition and smile.

He continued, "Little Ya, over these years I have been overly strict with your training, Uncle wished to apologize for that. The stress you are experiencing now is too heavy, I shall not add anymore. Take this time to enjoy a good vacation."

Ji Mo Ya had thought of many outcomes; he had even prepared to fall out with his clan, with the worst case being expelled from the clan, followed by Huan Qing Yan being under placed under a kill order, which would turn them into a pair of fugitive lovebirds…

Yet he never expected the Clan Patriarch to handle the matter like this…

Causing him to be stunned for a moment.

Take a vacation to rest?

Ji Mo Wu Chang took up the Feather Guard Command Token from the table and kept it, "Ok, Little Ya, I understand your thoughts now; I will keep this Feather Guard Command Token for now, this is also a form of explanation for the Bai Li Clan. Uncle is not going to die any much sooner and can still hold on for about another ten years for you. I give you two years to think about this and also think about how you are going manage it, I believe you will reach a proper resolution…"

Two years!

Ji Mo Ya understood his plans now; on the surface it was to let him go on a vacation for two years, but it was in fact giving him two years as a buffer.

"The Grand Elder of our clan has great hopes for you, Little Ya, your future is not yours alone, it is not for the Ji Mo Clan alone, it is for the entire humanity! It has been a thousand years since humanity has produce an ascended Sage, you are the most hopeful one."

"Your life's mission is too important, if not, humanity would not have rescued you from a Demon Emperor without caring for the price paid…"

"Little Ya, this matter, I will not look into it anymore. You have two years, and with your current cultivation speed, the Heaven's Tribulation would descend upon you after two years. Only by marrying the Luan Girl will you be able to overcome it…"

When Ji Mo Wu Chang finished speaking, he was already slightly panting, yet his graceful and polite poise was unchanged, his gaze seems to be looking at the clouds far away in the sky.

Ji Mo Ya wishes to speak but was met with a powerless wave of Ji Mo Wu Chang's hand, meaning for him to go.

It also meant his decision was set and there was no room for discussion.

Two years of time was indeed the greatest step back that Ji Mo Wu Chang can give.

Ji Mo Ya's gaze was complicated as he gave a bow in the direction of all the elders before he left.

Two years was also fine, with two years, it would be enough for many things to happen.

What he required right now, was exactly time as well.

Only after Ji Mo Ya left, did the elders started to give their comments.

The Fifth Elder, Ji Mo Yi Mo said, "Patriarch, why make things so complicated? We can just take a trip and make this demoness disappear without a trace."

Ji Mo Wu Chang coughed for a while, "No, Little Ya is deeply in love with this girl now, if you remove her, it might affect Little Ya's state of mind and affect his future cultivation progress and potential. We cannot allow that."

"Then let me inform the Bai Li Clan, let their Luan Girl join us as a concubine? Since she did not possess a real Phoenix Spirit Treasure, there is no need to make it difficult for Little Ya. Seeing Little Ya being troubled due to love, I feel pity for him." another elder suggested.

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