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"Aiyo, so you are unwilling! Then this madam shall not force you. Rumor has it that drinking your blood can greatly improve the cultivation of a person, while a single drop of your Heart's Blood ccan even increase a person's lifespan by a hundred years. Since you are not willing to become this madam's man, then this madam shall just dig out your heart and drink your blood dry."

"So this is your real motive?"

"What do you think? Ninth Fox that damn fella had hidden such a big secret from me; this mummy only learnt about why those demons in the higher echelons wanted your dead after going through the entire stash hidden inside his lair, firstly, it is because you are too powerful for your age, secondly, is because of your blood! Brat! The Ginseng Spirit Treasure is loved by everyone, this madam only wants to drink your blood so that I can immediately restore my powers of a Demon King! Even if your Half-Sages is to arrive, this madam still has methods to run away unscathed."

Madam Fox Charm chuckled before hugging Ji Mo Ya intimately while rubbing her womanly body against Ji Mo Ya's body with the blood net in between them, "Your will is pretty good brat, still no reaction despite all this, truly too naughty. Blood is best drank when it is warmed up, hmm, can it be that you do not like my current appearance?"

She deliberately displayed a thoughtful look, "If you don't like it, then let me turn into something you like then."

In a blink of the eye, she transformed into Huan Qing Yan's appearance before using her chest to rub up and down against Ji Mo Ya's body…

Ji Mo Ya's breathing started to roughen up slightly.

Madam Fox Charm said with satisfaction, "This works really well, at this rate, delicious blood would be ready soon!"

As she spoke, she opened her mouthful of protruding fangs and approached Ji Mo Ya's neck, a hand was also placed on his chest in preparation of digging out his heart.

At that instant, the sound of rushing air came from afar as a black thing headed towards Madam Fox Charm's head!

Its speed was extremely fast and also very sharp!

Without any other choice, Madam Fox Charm jumped away from Ji Mo Ya and turned her head, "Who?"

That's when she saw a person covered in blood, "Damn demoness, molesting my man, do you want to die!"

It was Huan Qing Yan!

The things that was thrown at Madam Fox Charm was her black iron scrap, however, it was not thrown by her as it  had been thrown by Huan Jiu Li on her behalf. It was precise and powerful; the strength was applied just enough as well. Had Madam Fox Charm not avoided it, it would have been enough to bring her to the brink of death.

While Ji Mo Ya, who was originally unable to move, was also able to move now.

The blood net on his body had been shattered.

Earlier on he was immobile because he was secretly undoing the blood net; if Huan Qing Yan had not appeared, he would not have allowed Madam Fox Charm to drain him of his blood as well.

He was only worried that Little Yan had truly fallen under the claws of this Madam Fox Charm and had he resisted, it might have harmed Little Yan, thus he waited for the right opportunity to act.

Now that he had seen Huan Qing Yan, his heart was greatly relieved.

As he stood up, the blood net he had been bounded by dripped off like water.

He walked towards Huan Qing Yan, his cold eyes immediately turned into rich tenderness, "Little Yan, are you alright?"

Huan Qing Yan immediately dived into his arms; before she touched him, Ji Mo Ya managed to cast a Cleansing Spell and turn her into a clean human again.

"Ji Mo Ya, I returned to the shop to look for you, but you are not there. I am so worried… yet I find you fooling around with a demoness and getting so intimate, do you still want to marry me? I have yet to agree to your proposal and you are already looking for a mistress outside, wuuu wuuu wuuu…"

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