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At that moment, the sounds of commotion came from outside the Holy City.

"A large group of people has come to the Holy City."

"They are being inspected…"

"It looks like a flying carriage that held the Ji Mo Clan's insignia… there are also several hundreds Feather Guards following behind…"

When the words 'Ji Mo Clan' was mentioned, everyone perked up their ears.

Mu Rong Xin Ruo looked over; face that flushed with excitement she softly said, "That's Yu Yi of the Feather Guards, it's…"

Before she could complete her sentence.

The other girls have already started to become excited.

The Feather Guards of the Ji Mo Clan were generally used to protect the younger generations of the clan. Yu Yi was the Guard Captain of Ji Mo Ya's Feather Guards, a name that they have heard of a long time ago.

The girls all started to tidy up themselves, nary a word spoken, before they look outside the city walls with amorous eyes, hoping to see the figure they have in mind.

Anyone who wishes to enter the Holy City must dismount from their flying tools because the airspace above the Holy City was a forbidden flying zone. On top of that, it's also because the entrants need to undergo a strict inspection as well.

It was a rule, set since a long time ago.

Even if it was a King Spirit Master entering the Holy City, they cannot break this rule.

Yu Yi was leading the entourage with several dozen guards to open up a path; before Ji Mo Ya's flying carriage reached the Holy City, they had already put up the Ji Mo clan's insignia.

Normally, for the sake of keeping a low profile, they would not put up the clan's insignia, but to enter the Holy City, there was a need for them to display their identity.

There were two persons in charge of inspection at the gates, they were both middle aged men but not ordinary guards as each possessed the cultivation level of Mystic Spirit Masters. As they engaged in a conversation with Yu Yi, they also had on curry favoring expressions.

Some individuals discussed among themselves in a low voice, "They were so arrogant when they were inspecting me during my entry to the city, that i thought all citizens of the Holy City were like that…"

"Actually, when the other members of the Eight Great Clans entered the city earlier on, no one saw them displaying such bootlicking behavior as well…"

"You guys still did not know? The level and prestige emitted from those Feather Guards could only belong to guards under Young Master Ya!"

"No wonder, who has a recording stone? Help me take a picture and make sure Young Master Ya's carriage is included in it. This daddy will be able to show off in the future…"

"Scram, the Holy City forbids the use of recording stones!"

After a series of commotion, Ji Mo Ya's flying carriage slowly descended.

While sitting within the carriage, Huan Qing Yan's cultivation had allowed her to capture most of the discussions held outside into her ears. She had originally thought it would be nothing much coming here, but as she listened, she started to feel the pressure accumulating.

Her man was too excellent, thus many people paid attention to him, it also felt like defending him has become more difficult.

'This babe is feeling a great pressure inside, wuu wuu wuu…'

Ji Mo Ya held her hand and gave her a charming smile, "Hmm, getting afraid?"

"Not afraid!"

"No need to be afraid, I am here."

Huan Qing Yan nodded her head solemnly.

Ji Mo Ya pushed the curtains, allowing the observers to witness his celestial charm and noble grace, it was as though everything under heavens has lost its shine when compared against him.

Like the stars, sun and moon, making one unable to shift their gaze away.

When he revealed his appearance, everyone turned quiet.

After that, all sorts of exhales and inhales were heard, followed by an alarming amount of subdued discussions…

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