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That was a lethal strike that did not differentiate from friend or foe, an all-out attack that reached the level of a King Spirit Master!

Fortunately, he was not targeted, allowing him to survive the encounter.

The clan patriarch brought him and the remaining lucky ones and ran away in a panic.

When he thought back to that scene, his heart would still beat frantically in fright, he had thoroughly experienced what it was like to brush past death!

Of the survivors, they were covered in injuries of various severity while the patriarch himself had lost half an arm and had aged by several years.

More than half of the Longevity Lamps within the elite area had also been extinguished.

Nan Gong Bai Cheng's expression was of deep sorrow as he hits the floor, each hit would cause a small hole to appear, while his eyes were crimson red, "Why? Why did you do that? There are many ways to become powerful, why choose the shortcut that is filled with risk?"

The shriveled elderly patriarch, Nan Gong Ming, replied with pain and tears, "Bei Cheng, the Gnome Sage's Totem was an opportunity that was several years in the making. If we could successfully absorb the sage's power remaining within the totem, the Nan Gong Clan's power would receive a great boost and immediately push us above the other families, we will no longer take last place! However, man proposes but the heavens disposes, that Herbu was a trash as well, we ultimately failed and even caused so many members to be lost, suffering a double loss! Ai, why must the heaven turn their backs on the Nan Gong Clan!"

Nan Gong Bei Cheng was enraged, "This is called getting your just desserts! You did you hid this from me in the past? If you have told me, I would have stopped all of you…"

Like Nan Gong Bei Cheng, there were also a few survivors who went on the mission with no knowledge, they sincerely thought it was a hidden realm discovered by the clan, yet in the end, it was a scheme.

While there were some who also knew about what they would be doing, these people were displaying looks of regret.

But would Nan Gong Ming not feel regretful?

The incident has resulted in a failure and a devastating lost, yet they could tell no one about it!

How can they explain? Explain that they were trying to steal someone's sacred totem and was wipeout by Ji Mo Clan's Ji Mo Ya?

If they were to report it to the Holy Court, even if the King Spirit Master that disappeared for a century were to return to back them up, the Nan Gong Clan's title as one of the Eight Great Clans would still be revoked.

His heart has turned to bitter ashes as there was no other choice but to suffer in silence.

The Nan Gong Clan has fallen while Nan Gong Ming was in charge.

He has failed the ancestors of the clan.

"Bei Cheng, with how things had turned out, this old man is now the sinner of our clan, I can only use my death to atone for my sins! After I die, the seat of patriarch will be handed over to you…"

Everyone was startled by the news, including Nan Gong Bei Cheng.

"No, Old Patriarch, you cannot leave us, we still need your guidance…"

Nan Gong Ming looked at his broken limb and shook his head, "I am heavily injured and there's no hopes of fully recovering from it, in addition, I have failed our ancestors, only death can atone my crimes. I am only receiving what I deserve, so there's nothing to talk about it anymore!"

Before anyone could speak any further, Nan Gong Ming took out a black colored item from his storage ring, "Bei Cheng, this is the token of the patriarch, I am giving this to you now."

Nan Gong Bei Cheng's heart was alarmed, he dared not receive it and was also confused, "Amongst the survivors, there were many uncles and cousins who possessed greatly cultivation then me, why did you hand me the position of patriarch?"

Nan Gong Ming replied, "Although we have hidden our identities, but how long can the truth be hidden for matters as huge as this? Other than you, everyone here has been injured by Young Master Ya, I believe Young Master Ya might have identified who we are a long time ago and he had managed to recognize you as well, he must have left you go unscathed due to the relation between the two of you. If you become the patriarch, there is a chance he might let the Nan Gong Clan off because of you."  

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