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Dorna smiled while his heart gave a sigh of relieve, he was worried that Ji Mo Ya would request to exchange one of the equipment for one meant for males. From the looks of it, the foolish girl has found the right man to be with, he should be feeling happy for her but somehow, he was feeling slightly sad instead.

Huan Qing Yan really liked the two equipment as well, "Thank you Bally!"

Especially the Eight Treasure Purple Cloud Runic Belt, it was not only as thin as silk, it was also as soft as one, her two spirit treasures also transmitted happy emotions when she was holding it in her hands.

To put it strictly, this magic equipment could not be considered as defensive equipment but rather, it should be considered as Support-Type equipment.

Defensive equipment was only useful when encountering enemies, but Support-Types could be used anytime, making it much more useful and rarer than other equipment.

Ji Mo Ya hinted Dorna to clear the hall of others. When only Ji Mo Ya, Huan Qing Yan and Dorna was left, Ji Mo Ya said, "Little Yan, before we leave, you should pass Dorna the stuff we have prepared for him."

When Huan Qing Yan recalled this important matter, "Bally, the food provided some time ago was not much. Here are some more from us…"

Dorna tried to decline the offer, "No, it was quite a lot."

The food ingredients she gave last time had all contained spirit energy, if they were to purchase it from outside, it would have costed quite a large sum of spirit stones.

He was worried she had spent too much money for them.

Spirit stones could be used to buy ingredients for spirit dishes, it could also greatly assist a person's cultivation.

On the other side, Huan Qing Yan had already started taking out food ingredients.

A large variety of spirit fruits, spirit vegetables, spirit grains were being poured out, the types of ingredients had easily reached several dozen types…

When Dorna saw the piles of food laid out in front of him, he got dumbstruck.

This amount of food ingredients was something that they have never seen before, even if the kingdom's times of prosperity was included!

"Isn't this a bit too much? Foolish girl, where did not obtain such fresh ingredients?"

The question was ebing asked unconsciously, Dorna only noticed that the question was rather inappropriate when he finished speaking the sentence.

Ji Mo Ya gracefully replied with a meaningful tone, "These naturally belongs to this Young Master, I gave these to her for storage and safekeeping."

Dorna was not stupid and quickly understood that Ji Mo Ya was trying to protect Huan Qing Yan, thus he quickly stopped speaking.

Huan Qing Yan had most likely possessed an extraordinary storage equipment that could retain the freshness of ingredients, and this sort of magic equipment were normally very expensive and precious.

However, when Dorna saw Huan Qing Yan continuously bringing out livestock, his mouth had once again opened in awe.

Chicken, ducks, pigs, goats, cows, and even fishes…

All of them were alive and energetic!

Where did she kept those?

A rare storage equipment could no longer be used to explain what's happening in front of him now.

Because a storage equipment that could store living things was something that he had never heard of…

Huan Qing Yan said, "Bally, I remember there is a dried-up pond within your palace, I will go fill it up with water…"

Dorna could only remain silent as he no longer knew what to say.

Ji Mo Ya's eyes turned sharp as it was filled with arrogance and warning, "Dorna, it's best that certain things are not spread out, if not, it will let down Little Yan's kind intentions."

He did not agree to Huan Qing Yan bringing out so much food, especially the livestock and water, however, he unable to change her mind.

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