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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – A Young Master

Unlike its elaborate exterior, the inside of the flying carriage was an exceptionally large space, making it look like a big room; within it were bookshelves, bed, tables etc.

At a table, sat a young man in a white robe in an inclined position. Only half his face could be seen but it was enough to see that he was good looking and looked as refined as a jade sculpture.

He lightly sniffed and stopped reading the book in his hand.

“Where is this place?” came a clear, deep and intoxicating voice.

The servant controlling the vehicle replied, “Young Master, we are now in the domain of Hanging Cloud Empire.”

“Why do I smell the scent of demons?”

“That’s correct, this subordinate had also sensed it. Hanging Cloud Empire is one of the five great empires and is a flourishing nation, why would there be such a thick stench of demonic aura? It looks like the demon might be a

Great Demon.”

“Let’s go down and have a look.”


After Huan Qing Yan was brought home by Huan Bei Ming and his wife, she used a headache as an excuse and said she did not know what led to her behavior as an answer to the couple’s inquiry.

The Huan couple’s pampering love outmatched their need to investigate the matter. They only told her that it wasn’t good to be willful and told her to amend her ways before ending their talk with her.

She had been immersed in the character of being the Young Mistress of the Huan family for a few days now. Her father and mother had treated her extremely well. There was always good food and good clothes available. If not for the terrible memories of the reincarnated girl, she would think that this new identity of hers was a blessing of all blessings.

Unfortunately, the matters of life will never be as smooth as people hope for.

As she counted the

the days, it seemed tomorrow would be the day when that trash of a man, the Ninth Prince, would come and offer to marry the Young Mistress of Huan Family. That would be the starting point of the tragedy……

If the Ninth Prince had not come with an offer of marriage, many of the things that led to the reincarnated girl’s tragic life would not occur..

Huan Bei Ming would not need to make pills for his future son-in-law every day and night and eventually die from over exhaustion.

And if Huan Bei Ming didn’t die, then the Huan Estate would not be targeted by villains; the family would not be broken, her mother would not die, nor will her little brother become a cripple. As for herself, the young mistress of the family, would also not lose the people she could rely on and be fooled by others……

Therefore, tomorrow’s proposal must never succeed!

However, how could she stop it?

Huan Qing Yan could not think

not think of any ideas at the moment.

In the back garden of the Earl’s mansion, it was the transition period between spring and summer, the place was covered in blooming flowers as their fragrance permeates the air.

In the garden were two willow trees. Underneath them was a swing, the ropes of the swing were as thick as bowls while the seat was made of eight centimeters thick Spruce Wood. Many flower embroideries made from vines were attached to the ropes, and other than the fact that the swing was rather large, it was the same as any other swing a girl would like to play in.

At this moment, sitting on the swing was a round meatball wrapped in luxurious clothes.

Property of ©; outside of it, it is stolen.

This was the daughter of the Earl, Huan Qing Yan.

Huan Qing Yan was not the only thing on the swing though, there was Horned Cow Beef Jerky, Almond Cheese Pastries, Eight Treasure Porridge, Red Treasure Porridge, Red Bean Yellow Kernel Fried Rice, Blazing Fire Bird Eggs, and more being displayed on it.

The mistress and her servants, a total of ten of them were currently at the swing.

Four of oldest serving girls were required to swing Han Qing Yan as she enjoyed the scenery as she ate, feeling happy and pleased like a celestial enjoying her days.

Yet in fact, she was currently thinking of ways to handle the marriage proposal that would come tomorrow, would it be inappropriate if she find her parents and convey her wishes?

If she does not mention anything now, she would no longer have a chance as the next day approached.

“Hey reincarnated girl, do you have any good ideas?” Huan Qing Yan used her consciousness to call out.

There was no reaction.

Ever since she had learnt everything that Huan Qing Yan remembered, the soul of the reincarnated girl seemed to be have grown extremely weak and hadn’t spoken a word over the past few days.

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