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Chapter 462

Chapter 462 – Pamper
The rolling black sphere became as still as stone.

Ji Mo Ya blinked his eyes.

Huan Qing Yan did not seemed to have discover this change.

This was naturally because at her current intelligence of a child, she was satisfied by the fact that she had something to eat; why would she make an effort to notice anything else?

Like a treasure she presented the black sphere to Ji Mo Ya and repeated excitedly, “Eat, eat, eat…”

It was her way of asking Ji Mo Ya to cut it open.

Ji Mo Ya looked at her with pampering eyes and although his mouth moved, there were no words coming out from it.

As Yan Lass was adamantly treating this magic equipment as a watermelon, he thought to cut it open to make her give up.

He said with interest, “Place it on the ground, I will cut it.”

The always solemn and serious Mo Wu’s

mouth twitched uncontrollably.

Young Master,it’s not a watermelon but a Purple Rank magic equipment that costed six hundred thousand spirit stones!

Is it appropriate to have it cut open just like that?

Huan Qing Yan did as instructed and placed the ball on the floor; however, the ball immediately started rolling and tried to run away…

This caused Huan Qing Yan to burst out in laughter as she chased after the rolling ball.

As they were in a relatively wide room, there were enough space for the ball to run around in circles while Huan Qing Yan chased after it…

Her innocent laughter chimed like silver bells as she ran.

The weirdest of all was Ji Mo Ya’s expression, his smile was filled with a gentle warmth that possessed an unreasonable amount of pampering and he looked very satisfied.

From his expression it was as though he would be happy as long as she stayed happy.

The only normal person

person in the room was Mo Wu and as for what he felt about his young master and Lady Huan, there was only one phrase that he could use to describe it; cannot bear to look straight at them.

On the other side, Huan Qing Yan had nearly caught up to the dull black ball, as it was about to turn at the corner, she pounced on to it quickly and managed to press her body down onto the ball.

The round ball immediately stopped moving again.

At that moment, Mo Si knocked on the door and Mo Wu was saved.

“Young Master, we have investigated the origin of the Treasure Vine.”

Ji Mo Ya’s eyes flashed as he exited his Wife Pampering Demon mode and reverted back into his celestial-like expression.

“Who owned it previously?”

“The Lin Clan of Xuan Chu Empire.”


Deep within the forest of an old mountain far away from civilization.

This was the in Purple

in Purple Cloud Mountain Range which was also connected the furthest end of the Death Valley, this large overgrown forest was also called the Great Desolate Forest by humans.

Purple Cloud Mountain Range was on the edge of human territory and was very long, its front was connected to the Death Valley while its backs reached the Sea of Surging Wave.

Between the Purple Cloud Mountain Range and the Death Valley was the Desolate Great Forest.

This place was the territorial boundary line of humans and demons.

Few people would visit the place as it was too dangerous.

However, there were also an abundance of resources within this region; from rare spirit plants to incomparable mysterious creatures and all sorts precious materials. Since ancient times, daredevil cultivators would visit this place in search of wealth, and for the most part, it also became their final resting place.

There were many vicious demon beasts living in this place, natural poison miasmas, fruits with miasmas, fruits with lethal poison, man-eating flowers…

Bai Chen Feng had already spent three days within the Desolate Great Forest.

After he saw Ji Mo Ya brining Huan Qing Yan away, he had also left Surging Wave Academia.

He felt very responsible for how Little Yan turned into and he felt that he did not protect her properly thus he seeked to repay her. Despite his heavy injuries, he did not rest to recover from his injuries.

He must find some treasure that could nourish and repair the soul.

He had went through many archives within Surging Wave Academia’s library before finally discovering traces of information which mentioned the existence of an item called the Soul Essence Stone within the Desolate Great Forest. If a person were to carry the Soul Essence Stone for a prolong period, it could nurture and repair their soul.

That was why Bai Chen Feng took the risk and danger to personally enter this place.

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