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After Qing Jiao spoke, everyone started to call their prices.

"Twenty thousand spirit stones!"

"Twenty-two thousand spirit stones!"

"Thirty thousand…"

The price went up quickly and reached a hundred thousand spirit stones in a blink of an eye.

Hundred thousand spirit stones were basically the usual starting price range of a normal Purple Rank magic equipment, and therefore the number of people bidding also reduced.

Finally, only two individuals continued bidding…

Huan Qing Yan climbed on top of the chair and looked at the rolling black ball on stage which was about the size of the watermelon she was eating currently.

She pointed at it and said, "Uncle, I want to eat that black watermelon!"

Ji Mo Ya's mouth curled up slightly into a faint smile, "That is not a watermelon, it is not edible."

Huan Qing Yan pouted her lips, "It is, that's a black watermelon, I want to eat it, I want to eat!"

What could Ji Mo Ya say?

He pressed down on the mechanism that would allow him to bid.

"Two hundred thousand spirit stones."

The bidding price was slowly increasing in units of one thousand and reached one hundred and fifty thousand, but with his bid, it jumped to two hundred thousand.

Everyone within the auction hall instantly looked in the direction of Private Room Number Eight.

Spending ten thousand spirit stones to purchase a bowl of spirit dish and spending two hundred thousand spirit stones on an unusable magic equipment, this was the blatant attitude of a nouveau riche!

With that, many who were thinking that this unusable magic equipment was just another collectible initially, had started to wonder if this item might have possessed something special that had caught the eye of this nouveau riche?

Maybe it was in fact a good item that they were unable to discover its use for now?

Those people who did not bidded initially started calling out a price.

"Two hundred and fifty thousand."

"Two hundred and seventy thousand."

Ji Mo Ya maintained his graceful composure, and with a vague smile he said, "Five hundred thousand!"

When the words five hundred thousand was out, everyone went silent.

Huan Qing Yan was watching everything with interest on the side, she also tried pressing the mechanism button and giggled, "Six hundred thousand!"

No one has made a bid after five hundred thousand, yet due to Huan Qing Yan's playfulness, it reached six hundred thousand instead.

Fortunately, there were special magic formations being installed within the private rooms to protect the privacy of its guests, the bidding mechanism would mechanize the voice of the user, whether the person was male or female, they would all sound the same.

With Huan Qing Yan's six hundred thousand, everyone was dumbstruck for a moment before a commotion broke out.

"What a rich guy, please receive our heartfelt respect! That price is already enough to purchase a functional Purple Rank magic equipment."

"All of you can use this chance to act tough by calling seven hundred or even eight hundred thousand to satisfy your egos, since that nouveau riche guy would definitely bid more."

"If you do that, beware of being silenced by that nouveau riche when you leave the auction house; these rich men are definitely from a powerful organization, you might just be seeking death. In addition, that nouveau riche might suddenly change his mind, even if you strip yourself naked, it would not be enough to pay the price."

"Arhem, I am just saying it for fun."

"Six hundred thousand!" Qing Jiao shouted out three consecutive times, "Congratulations to Private Room Number Eight for obtaining this Purple Rank magic equipment, I wish our dear Esteemed guest would discover a method to use it… Congratulations to you once again!"

A short while later.

A deep black sphere was delivered by Mo Wu  into the room once again.

Previously it was too far so Ji Mo Ya was unable to see it clearly; now that it was near him, he immediately sent his spirit energy to probe it. The black watermelon ball was rolling about quickly while continuously emitting a purple glow due to his spirit energy. However, he was unable to determine its contents and what caused it to move.

Huan Qing Yan happily carried the black watermelon out from the crystal box; while she carried it, that quick moving ball immediately stopped moving.

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