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It was the first time she got to eat a real high-level spirit dish. After she finished the dish, a rumbling sound was heard from her tummy before a hot rush of energy spilled out from it, causing her little face to turn red.

Ji Mo Ya ignored her flustered look as he viewed this change with satisfaction, he even discovered that her eyes had turned sharper and clearer as well.

He knew that the amount of food she could consumed was multiple times more than an ordinary person; eating this much was not completely enough to satiate her appetite. Therefore he turned his attention towards the auction again and should there be any special spirit dishes, he would bid it for her to eat.

The Number 8 Private Room was located at the highest level of the auction house, and from this position they had a top-down view of the entire auction hall which allowed them to see every movement and action clearly, yet people from the outside were unable to see them from their point of view.

The next few items on auction were not food.

Therefore, Huan Qing Yan started munching on spirit fruits again.

As she munched on the spirit fruits, she also looked at the commotion outside in interest.

Although she did not understood much about what was going on, her intelligence as a child was enough for her to enjoy the energetic atmosphere. She also knew that the delicious food she just ate was bought by the uncle from the scene below.

She had hopes that he would buy a few more for her.

"Dear esteemed guests, the next item is a peculiar magic equipment! It is peculiar because our researchers were unable to discover how to use it or for what purpose it was for, however, we can guarantee that it is Purple Rank. An esteemed guest with a keen eye or anyone who thinks he will become its destined user should get it, your abilities might obtain a great boost from it…"

As the host made her introduction, the backstage staff carried a transparent crystal box up the stage.

Everyone was interested by Qing Jiao's words.

A Purple Ranked magic equipment with functions that even the auction house was unable to determine?

However to activate a magic equipment, all the user needed to do was to inject their spirit energy into it, right?

Everyone stretched out their necks to look at the center of the stage.

The characteristics of the crystal box allowed them to clearly view its contents…

It was a shiny black sphere that did not look special and it was rolling quickly within the box.

Qing Jia continued, "As everyone has noticed, this was indeed a self-moving sphere magic equipment that was appraised to be a Purple Ranked. Not even our Mystic Spirit Masters were able to see anything special from it, neither were they able to use it. All it does, was to run away for as much as fifteen kilometers when you were not alert… As our auction house was unable to provide its method of usage, this Purple Rank magic equipment will be given a starting price of ten thousand spirit stones."

Everyone felt even weirder after hearing her words.

This was something that even a Mystic Spirit Master was unable to identify and use; what a pitiful waste of a good purple magic equipment.

Magic equipment were not cheap goods, even the lowest tier magic equipment was not something everything cultivator was able to get their hands on.

As for Huan Qing Yan, recruited and developed as she was by a nouveau riche like Ji Mo Ya, other than the two magic equipment gifted by Ji Mo Ya, she had nothing worth of value on her, well, except for that piece of iron fragment that was exceptionally tough…

Magic equipment were ranked as follow: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Gold etc.

And a Purple Ranked Magic Equipment was something that cultivators could only hope to encounter and to obtain.

The magic equipment forging skills of the humans had always above average, producing a Purple Rank was already very difficult. As for magic equipment Orange Rank and above, these could only be created by Legendary Ranked Magic Smiths with a certain probability.

Within the entire Spirit Treasure Continent, the number of legendary magic smiths could be counted with one hand.

Several people's attention were caught as they planned to try their luck at obtaining a cheap Purple Ranked Magic Weapon and to take it back to research it.

What if they managed to use it?

A starting price of ten thousand was similar to that high level spirit dish previously, such a cheap purple ranked magic equipment had rarely appeared in history and they were afraid this would be their one and only chance available for one in this life.

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