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The instant she ended her speech, voices started bidding immediately.

"Two thousand!"

"I call three thousand!"

"Five thousand, that's mine…"

The Claypot Hydrangea Shark's Fin Soup was not a big dish, it was only slightly larger than a rice bowl.

And this bowl had reached a bid of five thousand spirit stones!

After five thousand spirit stones, the calls of increments were much lesser and smaller than before. This was not eating a spirit dish, it's basically eating spirit stones!

"Five thousand five hundred spirit stones!"

"Five thousand six hundred…"

Ji Mo Ya took a look at the auction before he lazily said, "Ten thousand spirit stones."

When he spoke, the host, Qing Jiao, immediately got excited, "Ten thousand spirit stones from Number Eight Private Room! Any higher bids?"

The others started to engage in discussions.

"The one who bidded for the Five Star Treasure Vine earlier? So rich!"

"Ten thousand spirit stones for a bowl that disappears immediately after consuming it. So be it, us poor people should not get involved anymore."

Very quickly, the bowl of Claypot Hydrangea Shark's Fin Soup was delivered to the door of the private room and it was Mo Wu who brought it in.

Although Mo Wu tried his best to prevent his eyes from looking elsewhere, the sight of a lively watermelon eating Huan Qing Yan did not escape his sight and attention, "Young Master, has Lady Huan recovered?"

"Yes, but not a complete recovery. Place the Shark's Fin Soup in front of her."

Mo Wu placed the spirit dish in front of Huan Qing Yan, but Huan Qing Yan reacted shyly to the new stranger in the room. Her eating stopped; she hid behind Ji Mo Ya's back and displayed the apprehensive look that kids has for strangers.

A displeased Ji Mo Ya looked at Mo Wu, who lightly coughed, "Young Master, this subordinate shall take his leave."

After Mo Wu left, Huan Qing Yan stretched out her head and stared at the bowl of Shark's Fin.

"Go on." Ji Mo Ya sat lazily on the chair; his poise was elegant and casual while his gaze was one of encouragement.

With that permission, Huan Qing Yan happily ran to the bowl and took it into her hands.

Without utensils, she used her hands to pick the contents of the soup as she drank straight from the bowl.

While happily drinking, she noticed that the interest that Ji Mo Ya was directing at her and this caused her to be slightly embarrassed; she used her hand to scoop up the contents and went to Ji Mo Ya, "Uncle, this vegetable is delicious! Uncle eat some too."

The soup dripped onto the corners of Ji Mo Ya's clothes.

Ji Mo Ya forcefully controlled his impulse of casting the Cleaning Spell as he flashed her a charming smile, "I'm not eating, it is all yours so take your time to eat."

Huan Qing Yan did not stand on ceremony with him and replied, "Uncle, you are so nice."

"Then follow me from now on and I will let you eat delicious food every day. Are you willing?" Ji Mo Ya's smile grew larger as he asked her.

Huan Qing Yan was in a dilemma.

It's delicious food! I really want to eat it!

However, "If I don't go home, my mummy will be worried about me."

Ji Mo Ya's long eyelashes lower down as he tried to hide his sneaky intentions from her, "No she won't, I will send someone to inform your mummy, she will know that you are very safe with me and will not worry."

The pitiful Little Qing Yan with only an intelligence of a four year old was unable to make a good comeback to his words and she replied, "But I still need to attend kindergarten, my kindergarten teacher often told us to not skip classes."

"Which do you think is fun, going to kindergarten? Or following me and eat delicious food every day?"

Huan Qing Yan replied without hesitation, "Eating delicious food!"

"That's my girl." Ji Mo Ya habitually reach out to caress her little face, but when he saw her filthy kitten-like face, he was unable to make himself touch her.

So he retracted his hand in the end.

The bowl of Shark's Fin was quickly cleaned out by Huan Qing Yan.

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