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Her innate gluttonous nature was unstoppable; once she received the fruit, she immediately took a bite from it and was then unable to stop.

One after another spirit fruits disappeared into her stomach and after five fruits, Huan Qing Yan slightly warmed up to Ji Mo Ya and  her wariness towards him was not as strong as before.

"Uncle, I want to eat more."

The word uncle immediately caused Ji Mo Ya's mouth to twitch, did she thought that he looked that old?


Ji Mo Ya had already noticed that her intelligence was currently around the age of a three or four years old child; what good would come out of an argument with a four years old child?

As he continued to pass fruits to her, he started to question her to acquire more information, "Little Yan, who is your kindergarten teacher?"

"Teacher Wang of course!"

Teacher Wang? Like the teachers in academia?

Ji Mo Ya understood something from her reply; he had previously investigated Huan Qing Yan's background thoroughly and she had rarely left the house when she was young, and in addition, she had never attended any school that period.

So she was truly a foreign soul? Ji Mo Ya begun to feel interested…

"Where is your home? Uncle will send you home later."

Huan Qing Yan tilted her head while she took a bite from a piece of fruit and looked like she was trying very hard to remember, "Erm… Red Star Road… Block 11, Fruit Plantation District…"

The more Ji Mo Ya heard, the more he felt something was off. Fruit Plantation District? Was it an area that grew a lot of fruit trees?

Does that mean that it was in the mountains?

An academia in the mountains?

There were not many academies within Spirit Treasure Continent and most of them were located in cities; so far he has never heard of one that was established within the mountainous regions.

Ji Mo Ya continued his line of questioning, "Then… ke, what is a mummy?"

Huan Qing Yan replied immediately without thinking, "My mummy is called Yuan Si Shi, while my daddy is called Huan Xing Qiu!" These were in fact the names of the first couple who adopted her; however they passed away after getting into a traffic accident. This led to her being sent back to the orphanage again and as these details were not pleasant memories, she had instinctively ignored mentioning them.

As expected! Those were completely different names from Huan Bei Ming and his wife.

Ji Mo Ya had now gotten a clearer idea of her identity; she was not the real Huan Qing Yan but he had no plans to share this secret to anyone.

No matter where she was from, he had chosen this woman.

Although she has yet to fully recovered, it should be enough to solve the problem once he secure more Treasure Vines.

Ji Mo Ya was very happy as he looked at Huan Qing Yan who was covered in fruit juices. The current adorable Huan Qing Yan can talk, jump, eat and smile. No matter what, her being able to communicate clearly was much better than that dullish looking doll-like state from before.

Huan Qing Yan looked like a greedy kitten; all over her body, face, and hands food covered her.

Her initial wariness of Ji Mo Ya had reduced greatly after receiving spirit fruits from him, and with a piece of watermelon in her hand she approached Ji Mo Ya and asked, "Uncle, what are the men outside doing?"

Ji Mo Ya glanced at the door for a moment and said, "They are buying food."

Huan Qing Yan's greedy eyes flashed brightly, "Food?"

On her face was an expression that seemed like saliva would flow out any second, but fortunately she still held the piece of watermelon in her hand and started to munch down on it to satiate her appetite. Juice from the fruit started to trickle down the corners of her mouth…

Ji Mo Ya shifted his gaze away, as someone with slight mysophobia, that sight in front of him caused his chest to feel slightly stuffy.

The auction outside the room was still at its peak, the current item was an attribute boosting spirit dish.

"Claypot Hydrangea Shark's Fin Soup; has 2000 spirit energy value, it also boosts five points of the mind attribute! This is a good item that not only has high spirit energy value but also boosts a large amount of the rare mind attribute, this is an attribute that is beneficial to all cultivators! As everyone present knows, as cultivators in battle techniques, creating magic equipment or creating spirit dishes and et centra, each of these actions requires mental power. In addition, when opponents of the same abilities engaged in combat, the victor would always be the one with a higher mental power. With that, this one shall stop speaking, this item starts from one thousand spirit stones…" Qing Jiao did her best to introduce before she starts the auction energetically.

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