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A commotion broke out as everyone had their breaths taken away, even Qing Jiao's alluring voice was drowned out.

This person is definitely a nouveau riche! If not; who else bids in such a manner?

It was obvious that the owner of the hoarse voice felt the pressure.

The Treasure Vine was also something extremely important to him, he needs to obtain it.

However, the stance this opponent took shooked him.

What does he know of the other party's bottom line? Would he be able to win the fight?

The price tag of eight hundred spirit stones had by then generously exceeded his estimates.

If he was to outbid this price, he can then forget about the rest of the items and go home early because he would be out of spirit stones by then.

In addition, he might not even be able to win this item at this price range!

The owner of the hoarse voice gritted his teeth and only after thinking it through did he finally sighed silently; he decided to give up.

Qing Jiao continued to maintain a warm atmosphere, "That esteemed guest has bid eight hundred thousand spirit stones! Is there anyone who wishes to offer a higher price! Missing this chance will meant a chance forever lost! Show your courage and this rare precious Treasure Vine would be yours!"

The joy in her voice had also caused her speech to become unnatural; the higher the price, the higher her commission would be as well.

However, it was apparent that the price tag of eight hundred thousand was simply too high for one spirit plant. No matter how Qing Jiao polished her words with her charming voice, no one made another offer and this in turn allowed Ji Mo Ya to obtain this Treasure Vine.

The manager of the auction house brought the Five Star Treasure Vine to Ji Mo Ya's number eight private room and respectfully presented it to him in a silk box.

In actual fact, this simple task of delivery could be achieved by sending a staff; however the manager would like to personally meet this wealthy big boss and thus decided to deliver the item himself.

In the end, he was stopped by the guards at the entrance and he could not even enter the door of the room.

The guards took the item from him and brought it into the private room.

This meant to show him that their master did not like to meet and be disturbed by outsiders.

Seeing that the other party was so imposing, and to add on to that, the identity of the other party was also very mysterious; the manager believed that the person likely came from a strong background. Although he was curious about the identity of this guest, he did not dare to offend the guest; after smiling and talking for a while, the manager left the place with regrets.

Ji Mo Ya for one knew what happened outside the room, and that incident was a reminder to spur him to take precautionary actions; he threw out several formation flags and created a mini isolation barrier within the room.

The auction house of Du Jing City was considered a high-level facility; each private room possessed spell formations that prevented spying. However, to play it save,  Ji Mo Ya still setted up his own formation.

Huan Qing Yan's blank puppet-like state did not speak or laugh at all.

Ji Mo Ya had gotten used to that, with his finger he lightly poked her smooth little cheek; this was an action that he used whenever he wanted to feed her as it reminded her to open her mouth.

He successfully attracted dulled Huan Qing Yan's attention.

Ji Mo Ya looked at the Treasure Vine on the table, it was a plant with five pieces of vines that were intertwining with each other, at the top part of each vine, was a piece of starshaped leaf which led to its namesake.

This Five Star Treasure Vine; one leaf grew every ninety years, therefore this plant would be about four to five hundred years old. Compare to an eight hundred and ten years old plant, it was only slightly more than half that age, but it should still be able to have some effects.

As the vine was far away from him during the auction, he noticed that it possessed a unique aura now that it was in front of him.

It was not a fragrance but an indescribable energy which it seemed to sooth the mind of anyone who looked at it.

There was also a note inside the box that held the Five Star Treasure Vine as well.

An item that greatly nurtures the soul, grind it into powder and mix the substance in spirit water for consumption. The effects were extremely powerful…

Ji Mo Ya could not be bothered to continue reading it as he did not want to wait any longer, if Yan Lass continued to go silly like this, he was afraid her road to recovery would be made more difficuclt.

If the plant was not old enough, so be it!

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