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The two men placed the cage on top of the auction stage and when everyone focused their eyes on what was caged inside, they could see that one fat bird.

Qing Jiao spoke out, "Dear guests, I'm afraid most of you would not be able to recognize this bird. However, I am very confident that you had heard of its name before; this is the Ancient Nest Bird!"

Her words enlightened everyone was.

The Ancient Nest Bird's name was indeed very famous; however few people had seen it as it was very rare.

Every early morning it will crowed strangely, "Don't cry, don't cry, don't eat the ancient nest."

The truth was, people indeed did not eat the bird as what they wanted was its eggs.

The Ancient Nest Bird would lay a maximum of two eggs every day or every two days.

The eggs laid were natural spirit ingredients that could be consumed after simple boiling and each egg would provide as much as two hundred spirit energy points.

This was something that most roaming cultivators would not purchase as they do not possess the time and energy to rear the bird.

However, for large influential family clans these was one of the best items around to nurture low rank spirit masters. Two hundred spirit energy points was not much, but it could be obtained and consumed daily thus it was much more valuable than spirit plants.

"One Ancient Nest Bird. The starting price is thirty thousand spirit stones, you may offer your bids now!"

This starting price was not considered high, but as the first item to be auction its main purpose was to attract interest and was not the best item in their inventory.

The Ancient Nest Bird stood out because of its 'rarity', the end game goal was to be achieved through it.

In the end, the bird was sold for three hundred thousand spirit stones, the bid won by a representative sent by a certain clan.

"The second auction, a Five Star Treasure Vine."

Ji Mo Ya's eyes shined, he did not expect that his target would appear so quickly.

The treasure vine was also an adequately rare item. It looked like the auction house planned to strongly capture the attention of every guest in the building.

Once again Qing Jiao's alluring voice resounded, "The Treasure Vine could be used to repair damaged souls, our auction house had to spend huge efforts to obtain this item. I shall skip any further details; I believe the people who needed it would naturally understand its value. One Five Star Spirit Vine, the starting price is twenty-five thousand spirit stones!"

Logically speaking, this item's value should not be anywhere lower than that of the Ancient Nest Bird as it possessed the ability to save someone.

But unfortunately, there were also fewer people who had a need for it and therefore the starting price was set at a lower point.

"Twenty-Six thousand spirit stones!"

"Twenty-seven thousand spirit stones!"

That situation as it were proved that the people who needed a Treasure Vine indeed numbered few; only two individuals bidded. This was also because cases of souls being damaged were also relatively low and rare to happen.

On the flip side, those who require it would also not give up easily due to this as well.

"Fifty thousand spirit stones!" Ji Mo Ya tried calling once to test the waters.

The two bidders did not add much when they had each called for the item, he hoped that they would lack the determination to compete with him till the end.

No matter what, Ji Mo Ya must have that Treasure Vine.

"Fifty-one thousand spirit stones!" However, one of the participants with a hoarse voice followed up on his call.

Ji Mo Ya waited for a while longer and when he noticed that the second participant did not call out again, he shouted, "Eighty thousand spirit stones!"

That immediately attracted the attention of some people, this was because he did not increase his bid slowly like others.

This was also the effect that Ji Mo Ya wanted to obtain, his concern was not the amount of spirit stones that he had offered; it was of utmost importance to frighten the competition into backing away.

"Eighty-one thousand spirit stones!" the horse voice bid again, this time he did not simply add a thousand like before.

"Two hundred thousand spirit stones!" Ji Mo Ya did not hesitate with a follow-up bid.

"Woah!" Qing Jiao's charming voice appeared, "What an imposing and bold attitude this esteemed guest possessed! Calling for two hundred thousand immediately, are there any more bidders?"

The man with a hoarse voice was unhappy when he heard that, so the other guy was imposing and bold while this old man was considered a cheapskate?

However, he was not a hot blooded person and after a moment of hesitation he bidded, "Two hundred and one thousand spirit stones!"

He only added another thousand in the end.

This time, Ji Mo Ya deliberately paused for a moment before he slowly said, "Eight hundred thousand spirit stones!"

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