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A spirit crane suddenly appeared in front of Ji Mo Ya and formed a sentence, "Young Master, this is Mo Qi. I received intel that a certain auction house within Xuan Chu Empire would be putting up a Five Star Treasure Vine for sale…"

Mo Qi was responsible for establishing information networks and information gathering related to economies.

The message perked up Ji Mo Ya's spirits, his starry eyes shined as he immediately replied to the message.

It contained four words, "Little Qi, not bad."

When Mo Si saw that, jealousy welled up in his eyes, "Young Master, why have you not replied to any of Mo Si's spirit cranes? Please tell Mo Si what was unsatisfactory? Just tell this subordinate and I will change! Why did Little Qi get your attention? Is it because she is a woman and Young Master has another standard?"

Ji Mo Ya looked at him…

Mo Si was startled, holy cow, this damn parrot spirit treasure!

If he continued to nag like this, it would only be a matter of time before the Young Master phase him out!

He quickly shut his mouth, coughed, and changed the topic, "Young Master, those guys seemed to have send out spirit cranes when they left, most likely to spread news regarding Young Master and the Little Fat Chick."

After the fiasco involving Jin Da Zhong, and also Ji Mo Ya's display of strong affections towards a woman, it would be hard for the information to not spread.

Since Ji Mo Ya chose to act in this manner, he was not worried about people knowing.

Just that Huan Qing Yan would be the topic of gossips now, however no matter what happens in the foreseeable future, he would bear all the consequences and not let go of her hand again.

"That's not an issue, let them be." Ji Mo Ya calmly replied as he looked through the window and stared into a scenery of endless ocean, there was a firm determination behind that display of causal expression.

After that, he entered a room.

Huan Qing Yan was currently laying on a big white bed, and still unconscious.

Ji Mo Ya caressed her little face and gazed at her silently. It was one that was as profound as the deep ocean; he then lowered his head and lightly pecked her cherry lips. He quickly stood up and carried her off…

To the Xuan Chu Empire.

The effects of a Five Star Treasure Vine would surely be not as good as Nine Star Treasure Vine, but he must obtain it!

Demon Lands.

As Huan Jiu Li escaped with the demon generals, they experienced many dead ends and wasted a lot of time on alternate paths instead before they finally managing to cross the boundary to return to demon territory.

Between the lands of the humans and demons was the Death Valley.

The Death Valley was exceptionally broad and it was also the main battlefield when the two races clashed.

To cross the defense lines was not and easy task but fortunately for Huan Jiu Li, the demon generals he followed had knowledge of a secret passage.

Allowing them to finally return to the Demon Lands!

"Hahaha, this daddy has finally returned to the Demon Lands! I will never go over to human territory to hunt again, it is too bloody dangerous and I nearly died there…" the eagle demon within Huan Jiu Li laughed out loud.

"Huan Jiu Li Brat, this daddy did not had the intentions to kill you, but this daddy really could'nt geet used to sharing a body with a human, so just treat it as though you are doing charity and give it up to this daddy. Tell me your last wishes, this daddy will help you complete it in the future… am I generous!"

The eagle demon laughed audaciously.

Even after a long wait, Huan Jiu Li still did not react.

The eagle demon suddenly felt something was not right when he seemed to hear an ancient sound coming from the inner hinterlands of the demon race.

The bird demons' sovereign: the Phoenix Clan!

As a bird type Greater Demon, it was naturally familiar with this call.

Since ancient times, the bird demons would follow the phoenix, but the phoenix race had not appeared on Spirit Treasure Continent for a long time; the bird race has thus splintered and scattered as there was no one to unite and rule over them.

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