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The young girl donned a dress made with gold and silver threads with embroidery of the mystical bird 'Luan'; she possessed an unexplainable beauty while her elegant poise revealed that she was of an extraordinary background. She seemed to glow with a halo akin to a celestial concubine.

Suddenly the young girl stopped dancing abruptly and minute traces of rage appeared on her absolutely beautiful face.

Her anger expanded as time went by and when she finally waved her palm, she caused the flowers and leaves in her surroundings to scatter and fall like rain, creating a desolating scene.

When she finally spoke, she gritted out, "Meng Yue… Rest in peace, I will seek revenge for you once I complete my closed-door training."

After that sentence, anger and sorrow on the young girl's face suddenly disappeared, and in that same instance a trace of devilish allure bloomed like a Chinese Peony of absolute beauty between her brows.

As the surroundings looked desolated and cold, when mixed together with her current state, it created a sharp contrasting image that would make men drool with desire.

Eta Hall.

This was the place where all the higher echelons of Surging Wave Academia would reside, which includes all Hall Masters and Vice Hall Masters. This was also the office of all the higher echelons and the place where they perform their administrative work.

The area of the Spirit Node that Surging Wave Academia was built upon was not really big, and therefore, Surging Wave Academia only built nine halls. Each hall was specially constructed to funnel the spirit energy into them. Although the halls do not look large, they each possessed spatial formations that expands the space within the building*.
(Cuppa: For people who have watched Harry Potter Movies, it is like the expanded space within the magic tents that they used for camping.)

Ji Mo Ya was currently residing in a temporary accommodation located at the front area of Eta Hall, the place where he would stay whenever he visited the academia.

Eta Hall, Hidden Fragrance Pavilion.

Ji Mo Ya had just sent off Headmaster Wu Chang Hai and the various Hall Masters.

There were many things that they were confused about. The first thing that Ji Mo Ya did when he returned to the academia was to deal with Jin Da Zhong and next, he even killed the disciple of Jin Da Zhong without showing any mercy as well.

After that, he carried Huan Qing Yan and went to seek Elder Snow at the Spirit Spring Forbidden Grounds…

That was why they came to visit, to seek an understanding to the situation.

Ji Mo Ya whittled down as much information as he could while he answered the queries and only then did all of them felt relieved enough to leave.

The moment all of them left, Mo Si silently appeared.

"Young Master, Mo Er has replied. The treasury of the Holy Court did not have any Nine Star Treasure Vine…"

Ji Mo Ya's expression darkens and frowned slightly, "How about Mo San?"

The number of Ink Guards that Ji Mo Ya had were limited, he does not even have ten of them.

Mo Si, Mo Wu, Mo Liu have been in his company during his continental travels and obtained experience.

Mo Yi was located in Surging Wave Academia as it was a place that Ji Mo Ya would frequent, however he happened to be out exploring a secret frontier and was not in the academia at the moment. Thankfully, Nan Gong Bei Cheng got involved and helped Ji Mo Ya when the situation got urgent.

Mo Er was at the Holy Court where Ji Mo Ya had stayed and grew up; with Holy Court as the most powerful organization of humanity, he must have a person stationed there to obtain the latest updates and information about it.

Mo San was currently within the Demon Lands on covert operations and in the most dangerous environment and was the most mysterious of them all as well. Unless it were matters of great importance, Ji Mo Ya would rarely contact him and this time was an exception.

(Cuppa: FYI, Mo = Ink; while Yi, Er, San, Si, Wu and Liu are the Chinese pronunciation of the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6. The ink guards are all coded names.)

Mo Si shook his head, "There are no reply from Mo San yet…"

The Demon Lands were simply too far away, a spirit crane would need a long time to cover that distance so Ji Mo Ya had expected that there the reply would never arrive so soon.

In addition to that, even if the Nine Star Treasure Vine grew in Demon Lands, it would also be a difficult task to obtain it as travel into the Demon Lands possessed too much risk for Ji Mo Ya who had one of the highest bounty that the Demons have placed.

After the battle in the Five Black Mountains, Ji Mo Ya's bounty ranking had also risen by a few rankings again.

The amount awarded for his head has accumulated to the point it nearly comapred to those bounties placed on some excellent and reputable King Spirit Masters of humanity.

At that moment, a spirit pulse appeared in the air…

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