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"Who are you?" Ji Mo Ya asked in shock, this soul was constantly surprising him; he was wielding Heart Fire thus ordinary souls would have dissipated upon contact with it, yet it made her clearheaded instead.

"Young Master Ya, I am Little Yan, I am Huan Qing Yan! The one beside you is the invading soul and she wished to seize my body, help me chase her away…" the reincarnated girl pleaded urgently while being burned by the Heart Fire.

"Is that so? Then why do the both of you looked the same? What happened?"

"I also do not know, she suddenly appeared before I knew it. She was also the one who stabbed you with the knife that day; she might be a demonic soul… I am reaching my limit, please extinguish the Heart Fire before it burns me!" the reincarnated girl continued to act pitiful.

If this was the moment Ji Mo Ya had just encountered the both of them, then he would definitely be confused. However, now, how could he be deceived so easily? He had already instinctively identified the soul he wished to save. This girl was exceptionally sly and cunning, no wonder little thing became  pitiful instead.

"You are still trying to lie your way out? If you do not tell me the truth, then just go and die."

This was the first time Ji Mo Ya had used his Heart Fire against a soul, he must end this quickly.

Seeing that she was unable to deceive Ji Mo Ya, the reincarnated girl turned vicious again immediately, "Then let's die together! Ji Mo Ya, I am the original host of this body, I love Bai Chen Feng. That little b*tch and you should just die, die, die…"

Ji Mo Ya sent another ball of Heart Fire towards her and this time, he made sure that the flames were much stronger; the reincarnated girl screamed as she was unable to avoid it, "I have wandered the soul dimension for three thousand years and I only obtained the chance to get this body after much difficulty. Now that I have a body and a person I can love, I cannot disappear; I am not forfeiting this opportunity!"

The Heart Fire wrapped around her entire soul and crackled, as though the soul was being deep-fried…

After some time, the reincarnated girl's soul completely disappeared.

During her final moments, all she did was shouted with indignation, "Ninth Dear, Ninth Dear…" before turning into nothingness.

Ji Mo Ya recalled her final words, wandering the soul dimension for three thousand years, obtaining the chance to get this body after much difficulty… no wonder she was so hard to deal with, but what was this Soul Dimension she mentioned?

It was not a place that he had not heard of, it seemed to be a mysterious place filled with all sorts of things…

Since he was unable to understand it at that moment, he decided to investigate this another time.

As he was experiencing extreme mental fatigue, he decided to retreat from Huan Qing Yan's sea of conscious.

Before he left, he gave one last look at that torn and tattered soul of Little Yan, her half-torn face listless as she looked left and right.

Fortunately, her soul remained.

Ji Mo Ya finally relaxed and left with ease.

The next step was to nurture and heal her injured soul.

Ji Mo Ya opened his eyes.

Elder Snow looked at him nervously, "How is it? How is it? It looked like it was very dangerous earlier on? The lass seemed like she nearly could not make it, her expression was one of painful, what happened?"

Ji Mo Ya first checked Huan Qing Yan's condition.

She had indeed fainted, but her breathing was even, her expression very gentle; the baleful aura between her brows had also disappeared. She should be fine now.

Ji Mo Ya sighed a breath of relief as a smile appeared on his face.

He replied, "Senior, Little Yan had indeed harboured two souls within her sea of conscious and that was the reason she was in that state was because they were fighting and tearing at each other."

Elder Snow's eyes widened before he stroked his white beard, "So that happened! This old man did not even notice anything! This soul must have hidden itself very thoroughly, did you manage to deal with her?"

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