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Ji Mo Ya was startled as he stood to the side; reincarnated girl?

Both of them looked the same, yet the invading 'Huan Qing Yan' was called reincarnated girl?

What was meant by reincarnated? A dead soul reincarnated after death? It even said that this body was hers and told the look alike to get out…

Then who was the bundle of soul that was defending him? Was she the outsider instead?

However, no matter which soul was the outsider here, one of them was the one that he was searching for!

He now understood how come Little Yan was behaving like a crazed person. It was because the two souls were tearing at each other so viciously to the point that both of them got badly injured; no wonder she behaved like that!

As the situation was currently too complex, Ji Mo Ya was unable to have a clearer understanding, so he decided to stop thinking and he would just ask Little Yan the exact details after her recovery.

The most important thing now was to first act to rescue her; they must not continue tearing each other apart, else it would further impede Little Yan's recovery.

No matter if that reincarnated girl was the original host of this body or not; she cannot stay, since Little Yan liked this body, then this body belonged to her!

In addition, both of their appearances were exactly the same as the physical body, it was still too early to determine who was the real owner of the body.

No matter what, only one of them should remain!

As for who was staying, there was no need to give any more consideration.

As he finalized his decision, Ji Mo Ya no longer hesitated and he immediately inject more power into his divine sense and sent it towards the two tattered souls.

As Ji Mo Ya's powers were much higher than the both of them and even then they were both heavily injured in the first place, the two bundles of soul were easily forced apart.

The next instant, Ji Mo Ya condensed his divine sense into a small humanoid shape and attack the remnant soul of the reincarnated girl with a palm strike without any trace of hesitance.

As the divine sense did not possess any spirit energy in the sea of conscious, he could only use his  fists and legs to attack…

After becoming a King Spirit Master, one's soul would be able to leave their bodies and travel independently, if they were to seize someone's body by wiping off their soul, then from a certain point of view, they would also have achieved reincarnation.

However, this reincarnated girl's cultivation realm was not high, when her soul was forced to scatter, it would be a permanently destroyed.

However, the current situation proved that Ji Mo Ya took the situation too simply.

The reincarnated girl's soul seemed to be unexpectedly stubborn; although it was scattered countless times, it would always condensed and reformed itself. In fact, it even roared at Ji Mo Ya to display her prowess.

Something felt amissed about the situation; how could this be a remnant soul as it made no sense that it still existed after the attacks, thus this proved that this was definitely not an ordinary remnant soul and it was much stronger than those of an ordinary person by multiple magnitude, so what was happening?

But no matter what, she must be destroyed and the one who remains should be the girl he loves.

Ji Mo Ya frowned and he pondered for some time before he steeled his heart before a thread of milky white substance appeared suddenly.

Although the the looks of it was very unimpressive, when it was seen the remnant soul immediately screamed and decided to run away instead.

This milky white substance was Ji Mo Ya's Heart Fire!

Although it appeared translucent and milky white, but it was in fact a type of special flame.

Everyone possessed a bunch of Heart Fire within themselves. Moreover, ordinary people were unable to see it nor were they able to control it.

Only when a person reached the realm of Mystic Spirit Master will they be able to slightly wield it.

This also shows how much of a freak Ji Mo Ya was. However as he had only ranked up not long ago, beads of sweat could be found on his forehead showing how hard it was to wield it.

Yet he had already made up his mind, this matter would be settled here and now; once and for all!

No matter how stubborn a remnant soul it was, it was still a remnant soul, helpless when facing against Heart Fire…

The reincarnated girl fearfully avoided the substance but eventually came into contact with it and as it burnt her, she wailed and screamed, "Painful, so painful!"

Suddenly, it was as though the burning had woken her up, her soul had gotten much clearheaded than before and thus allowed her to recognize Ji Mo Ya, "It's you Young Master Ya? You came into our sea of conscious?"

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