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At the mention of drinking blood, Huan Qing Yan seemed interested and a smile also appeared on her incomplete face, making her look very weird. However, all Ji Mo Ya felt when he saw her was heart pain and guilt.

This silly girl has really suffered.

"Young Master Ya… Young Master… Ya… he no longer wants me…" The smiling tattered soul suddenly started weeping after a while.

Ji Mo Ya was startled and got rooted to the spot, although she was only spoken by a soul bundle, his chest felt an insufferable sharp pain as this girl rubbed salt on his wounds!

To not see her current look again, he would rather received another stab from her again and would even bear her entire pain.

"No, I want you, I have returned to find you. From today onwards, I will never let you leave me again; you will not have another chance to do that from now on." Ji Mo Ya replied with a voice that was as gentle as a feather.

That tattered soul raised its head and stopped crying and looked left and right. Although she still did not allowed Ji Mo Ya's divine sense to approach, it no longer retreated or had any intentions of hiding.

"That's my girl. Can you bring me to the soul that bullied you? This young master will beat it out of her." Ji Mo Ya encouraged.

The small soul radiated off a sense of happiness.

Ji Mo Ya breath a sigh of relief as it seemed like this lass could still be saved, a portion of her will was still present, and at the very least it was able to comprehend words.

At that moment, a bundle of light quickly flew over.

It was another bundle of tattered human shaped soul and it looked exactly like Huan Qing Yan! Its limbs were also torn but she displayed a vicious expression while dashing towards her target, Ji Mo Ya!

Ji Mo Ya agilely evaded the oncoming soul bundle.

At the same time, he was confused; why did this soul looked exactly the same as Huan Qing Yan and what was happening?

In theory no matter whose soul invaded the body, it will retained its original appearance.

Taking Ji Mo Ya for example, when he entered this place, his appearance was exactly a doppelganger of the one in the physical world.

In light of this scenario, Ji Mo Ya felt slightly apprehensive; were both souls Huan Qing Yan?

Which one was real? And which one was the fake?

His purpose coming here was to lend Huan Qing Yan a helping hand and aid her in destroying the foreign soul. Little was he prepared that both souls looked exactly the same, if he made a mistake… he would not be able to bear the consequences.

"You are also Little Yan?" Ji Mo Ya asked.

The newly arrived 'Huan Qing Yan' bore a vicious expression, filled with malicious intent; as her soul was incompleted, it was acting purely on instinct and it wanted to force Ji Mo Ya out.

Every time, it would use a suicidal method to viciously tackle  Ji Mo Ya.

This made him very sure that this was the person who stabbed his heart that day!

However Ji Mo Ya was still confused, why would both of them looked the same? Therefore, he dared not act rashly and continued to evade by going to the left or right, "You are not Little Yan, who are you?"

Ji Mo Ya had only sent a relatively small tendril of divine sense to investigate, although he was constantly evading without counterattacking, he eventually failed to react in time and was pushed far away…

As he was still worried of the attacking 'Huan Qing Yan', he even helped absorbed a portion of the attack impact.

Suddenly, the other Huan Qing Yan who was dully standing at one side became greatly agitated enraged, and she clashed with the invader 'Huan Qing Yan'.

Both souls quickly turned into a bundle of messy blurs as they started to tear at each other.

"Reincarnated girl, how dare you try to kill my man, how dare you…" the raging Huan Qing Yan bite down on the invader 'Huan Qing Yan'.

The invader 'Huan Qing Yan' did not show any weakness as well, so she bit back and shouted, "So what if I kill him, I will kill him, this body is mine, get out, get out…"

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