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If you are not a King Spirit Master, you do not possess the qualifications to learn it.

Therefore, Ji Mo Ya had not tried to learn this secret technique.

Ji Mo Ya's glare was clear while his expression was heavy, "This junior is very aware of the consequences."

Seeing Ji Mo Ya's firm dedication in addition to his own wishes for Huan Qing Yan to recover so that she could make more medicinal food for him, Elder Snow said, "So be it, this old man will bear the risk of being beaten up by those old things within your Ji Mo Clan and teach you the technique. However, you must be take great care and be cautious…"

"I will."

As he replied, Elder Snow formed a thin book using spirit energy and passed it to Ji Mo Ya.

Ji Mo Ya flipped through it and memorized its contents to his heart.

A short while later, Ji Mo Ya closed his eyes and silently started to plan each and every step he would be taking.

This secret technique was without a doubt extremely dangerous, being careful was never a bad thing.

After quite some time later, Ji Mo Ya opened his eyes, his gaze was calm and composed.

Elder Snow silently nodded his head, this kid was without a doubt the genius amongst geniuses, few could compete against him in the terms of inner minds.

"If Elder Snow permits, this junior wish to start now."

Elder Snow nodded his head, this location was definitely a good place, as not many people would come here to disturb. In addition, with him nearby, he would be able to lend a metamorphic hand should an accident occurs.

Ji Mo Ya pulled Huan Qing Yan towards him, gathered his concentration and with a deep breath, he closed his eyes again, and slowly stretched out his hand to place a finger on Huan Qing Yan's forehead.

An invisible tendril of divine sense invaded Huan Qing Yan's sea of conscious.

Within the deepest recesses of the sea of conscious, everything seem boundless and desolated.

Out of nowhere, two powerful waves of expulsive energies collided into him, both extremely brutal, and nearly scattered Ji Mo Ya's tendril of divine sense into nothingness…

The two expulsive energies were very distinct and were each unique when compared side by side!

This further strengthened Ji Mo Ya's confidence in his theory.

How come this lass was so careless to actually allow her body to host another soul yet she did not even share or hinted anything about it to him, he really didn't know if he should be frustrated or angry at this.

Ji Mo Ya used his divine sense and spoke with his usual voice, "Little one, it's me, do not be afraid."

His voice was neither big nor small, neither dense nor diluted, neither too cold nor too warm; he was worried anything else could caused strong reactions.

One of the energy hesitated for a while and it seemed to reduce its force.

While the other energy of repulsion became even stronger.

Ji Mo Ya made a quick decision and headed towards the energy of reduced force to investigate its identity.

This was the first time he used a secret soul technique, so he did not possessed much experience. Fortunately, in such times he could rely on his innate talent and powerful insight and his first thought was normally the best approach.

The sea of conscious was very wide, Ji Mo Ya weathered the increasingly more powerful energy of expulsion while working hard in search of that smaller and weaker one.

After some time, he could make out a small bundle of soul.

It looked vaguely like a small human who seemed to be squatting down and sported a dull expression. However, it lacked limbs and even had half of its face destroyed, it was like a painting that torned apart by someone.

"Little Yan?" when Ji Mo Ya saw it, his heart felt a small piercing pain.

It was to this extend that her soul was damaged!

If only he had noticed the anomalies earlier; inside him waves of guilt and heartache welled up.

Huan Qing Yan's tattered soul retreated slightly in fluster.

It seemed extremely frightened and looked like it was planning an escape.

"Little Yan, I am Ji Mo Ya. When you get better, I will feed you some blood…" Ji Mo Ya gently coaxed.

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