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"No no no, I do not want to die, I admit that i'm wrong, please let me live Young Master Ya! Although I have not made any meritorious services to Surging Wave Academia, I have labored and contributed to it for many years!

Ji Mo Ya's ears twitched, more people were coming.

It was no longer appropriate to forcefully kill him, that would be a bad decision and since Jin Da Zhong was destined to die anyway, it made no difference to him who would bestow his death sentence.

Therefore, he silently flicked a transparent drop of liquid that transformed into a mist that covered Jin Da Zhong's body.

At that time, several figures appeared within the building.

They all possessed formidable auras and seemed to also possess great strength. The one in the lead was the Headmaster of Surging Wave Academia, while the people behind him were the various Hall Masters and Nan Gong Bei Cheng.

Before Wu Chang Hai could speak, Nan Gong Bei Cheng said, "Blood hell! You damn fatty, if I didn't guard little beauty every day, little beauty would have long fallen under your venomous hands! This damnable fatty even said he was treating little beauty's demonization, but in fact he has unfavorable designs towards little beauty, if I had found out earlier, I would have brought little beauty away with me, dammit! You deserve to die!"  

As he spoke, he approached Huan Qing Yan, "Little beauty, you have suffered, your Brother Bei Cheng is here to save you."

When he was about a meter from Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo Ya, he was blocked by an invisible forcefield.

And was unable to proceed any further.

Ji Mo Ya calmly said, "Thank you for guarding over Yan Lass all these while, do consider that this young master owed you a favour,you can make a request from me anytime in the future."

Nan Gong Bei Cheng immediately understood something from his words, he looked at Bai Chen Feng who leaned against the wall and looked at how Ji Mo Ya hugged Huan Qing Yan…

He was stunned for a moment, he had always assumed that he only had one love rival, Bai Chen Feng!

Little did he expect that an even bigger rival could appear, Nan Gong Bei Cheng suddenly felt that his effort of guarding the little beauty over the past few days would likely turn to waste.

However, he will not give up.

They need to deal with the main situation first, he must make sure Jin Da Zhong that b*astard dies!

When Jin Da Zhong saw the Headmaster and various Hall Masters, he acted like a drowning person who has found a strand of life saving grass and shouted, "Headmaster, this Jin Da Zhong has stayed in Surging Wave for several centuries and have been dutifully making spirit dishes and medicinal foods for the academia, even without my exceptionally meritorious services, I have labored and contributed for a long time; please save me Headmaster…"

Wu Chang Hai ignored him, he greeted Ji Mo Ya first and inquired about the situation.

To get a clear understanding of the situation, Bai Chen Feng would be the best person to ask; Bai Chen Feng explained everything that had happened from the beginning to the end.

Wu Chang Hai instantly got enraged, "Jin Da Zhong! You intentionally went against the rules and fed the remnant Tyrant Lizard King's soul to nurture it, what are you planning? Confess everything now!"

Ji Mo Ya summoned his Cosmos Brush, after retrieving it, the brush even automatically cleaned itself of any traces of blood.

Jin Da Zhong's massive fat body fell with a bang and as he landed, a tremor shaked everything nearby.

It was unknown if the landing shooked him, Jin Da Zhong suddenly started laughing weirdly.

"What am I planning? Of course it is to become a King Spirit Master! I have reached the peak of the Mystic Realm for many years, yet I have been unable to achieve a breakthrough, everything I ate was converted into fats instead of spirit energy, causing me weight gain as time went by. I needed the power of the Tyrant King Lizard's remnant soul to assist me, allowing me to breakthrough and become a King Spirit Master!"

"When I become a King Spirit Master, heh heh, I would have the chance to become the Hall Master of Hidden Origin Hall! When I achieve that, I have an entire hall of beautiful students to pick and use as cultivation furnaces*! Currently, with this ugly figure of mine, even the act of bedding a woman is difficult, what's the point of living…"
(Cuppa: In many cultivation novels, there is a cultivation method called duo cultivation, where the man and female engage in XXX to grow their powers. Orthodox methods would benefit both the male and female cultivators, but unorthodox and evil methods would normally benefit only one gender by absorbing the powers of the other party during XXX, their victims are called cultivation furnaces. However, in this story, our fatty views women as cultivation furnaces as objects and not people.)

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