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Bai Chen Feng glanced at her, and at the same time a few younger generations Hanging Cloud Empire's aristocratic families also approached Bai Chen Feng.

"Lord Crown Prince!"

They had all received the spirit crane messages from their clans, Bei Chen Feng was now the Crown Prince of Hanging Cloud Empire, they naturally would not let this opportunity to get close to him slide like that.

The past Bai Chen Feng was just an ordinary prince, he was favored but no one could have predicted the future, thus they remained as bystanders.

Now that Bai Chen Feng has become the honorable crown prince, plus Bai Chen Feng's high talent, becoming the next emperor was only a matter of time now.

Bai Chen Feng dismissed Hou Ning Xue, "You can leave first."

Hou Ning Xue went away with a pale expression;  her initial approach was accompanied by her shy and flushed expression, but now she was leaving with an extremely paled expression; this change caused Bai Chen Feng to feel suspicious uncontrollably.

Had this girl done wrong to Qing Yan?

The scions of aristocratic families started to surround Bai Chen Feng while showering him in congratulations and well wishes, amongst them were also the students from other halls. Bai Chen Feng followed up with formalities before he started inquiring about the situation at the Cliff of Reflection.

Only then did he found out about Huan Qing Yan's latest situation that had her turned into a demon man and was currently locked up.

Bai Chen Feng paled in shock.

Impossible, Huan Qing Yan had never used the Plate Spirit Calling spell…

At that moment, a spirit crane appeared in front of him, "Lord Ninth, this is Meng Yue. Young Mistress is currently receiving treatment from my master, Jin Da Zhong, at Spirit Chef Hall, it's located at the left corner area of Hidden Origin Hall. I wonder if my lord would be interested to visit and have a look? The treatment is exceptionally complex, having too many people will cause a disturbance, so please take note."

Could Huan Meng Yue be so kind as to help Huan Qing Yan? Bai Chen Feng absolutely would not believe that!

He understood Huan Meng Yue's character too well.

However, no matter the truthfulness of the message, Bai Chen Feng must make a trip down to verify.

He wished to meet Huan Qing Yan as soon as possible.

Nan Gong Be Cheng was mediating on top of the bed that he placed beside the iron cage.

Lin Fei Fei was covered in tears as she came in, "Brother Bei Cheng, please take a look at Wang Chao, he sustained injuries from a fish monster while performing a mission out in the sea…"

Nan Gong Bei Cheng immediately rejected, "This bro is not a Medicinal Food Master, what use am I by going there? In addition, is Wang Chao that fella a mission freak? Academia missions are for poor chaps to complete, auntie should have given him quite a number of spirit stones when he entered the academia, why must he go out into the sea so often?"

Within the underground prison, the demon men were either roaring loudly or slapping against the cages, causing a lot of noise; it has been hard on Nan Gong Bei Cheng during his long stay here.

This was not something that ordinary people could handle!

Lin Fei Fei was terrified that these demon men would escape, when she looked at Huan Qing Yan within the cage, she immediately thought that even though this girl has demonized, she still retained her beauty, enough to cause her Brother Bei Cheng to guard and protect her here. She was filled with envy, jealousy and hatred towards her.

But the one she hated most was herself for getting involved with this little vixen, if she did not mess with her, she would not have called Brother Bei Cheng to help, and things would not have turned into this situation.

"Brother Bei Cheng, please… Wang Chao is hurt really badly, half of his leg had been bitten. He is after all your maternal cousin, please take a look at him."

Lin Fei Fei's mother and Wang Chao's mother were members of the Nan Gong Family.

While Nan Gong Bei Cheng's father and Wang Chao's mother were blood related siblings.

The three of them refer to each other as cousins.

Lin Fei Fei and Nan Gong Bei Cheng's marriage was arranged by their parents, the Lin Clan was a huge aristocratic family from Chu Xuan Empire as well.

In the past, Nan Gong Bei Cheng felt that this female cousin of his has passable looks and was also from a decent clan, so he was not against the marriage arrangement. Now that he has fallen for the little beauty on first sight, Lin Fei Fei's title of fiancé was automatically discarded.

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