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He decided to just give up for now, he will think about what to do next when Bai Chen Feng returns to the academia.

He commented, "Nan Gong Kid, getting an excellent talent like you to become a small guard, isn't it quite a waste?"

Nan Gong Bei Cheng replied, "It's not, this student has been tired from collecting protection fees over the past month, I should use this opportunity to clear my thoughts for a few days…"

Jin Da Zhong looked at Zhang You Wei, who acted as though he heard nothing while looking upwards.

"Ok then, thanks for the trouble."

Jin Da Zhong and Zhang You Wei left the underground prison together.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng glanced to his left and right before he took out a bed from his storage ring and laid on it. He was displaying an expression of enjoyment as he admired Huan Qing Yan with a blank expression within the cage.

He would occasionally shake his head unconsciously and sighed, "Beautiful! Truly beautiful!" totally ignoring that blank expression.

"Little beauty do not be afraid, your Brother Bei Cheng is here to protect you until you recover. We will ignore Jin Da Zhong that arse…"

The first day, Jin Da Zhong came to have a look; Nan Gong Bei Cheng stood guard beside the cage, he would either admire the beauty or meditate to cultivate.

The second day was the same.

The third as well.

After that, Jin Da Zhong stopped coming.

And ten days passed in a flash.

The ocean entrance of Surging Wave Academia.

Bai Chen Feng specially requested for a State Teacher to use a high grade flying equipment to send him here.

As the current Crown Prince, he was entitled to tap the resources of the State Teacher Academy of Hanging Cloud Empire for his use.

The last time, he rode the Flying Ship to the academia and enjoyed the beautiful scenery for half a month. This time, as he was in a rush, he used less than ten days to reach.

After bidding his goodbyes to the State Teacher, he approached Surging Wave Academia.

Riding the air bubble, he arrived at the parade square of Alpha Hall.

He has been feeling restless throughout the journey back to the academia, he was worried if Huan Qing Yan had gotten into trouble…

Upon reaching Alpha Hall he noticed a familiar face within the crowd, that person seems to be from Hanging Cloud, he pointed at her, "Come here."

Hou Ning Xue was feeling very nervous when she saw Bai Chen Feng appearance from the shattered bubble, she just happened to be passing by with her group and were going to the library to look at some books…

After being pointed out, she couldn't help but feel even more nervous, this is the Ninth Prince of their country!

All through her life within the capital, she would neither have the rights nor the opportunity to see him face to face; the Ninth Prince was an entity whom she had always worshipped. Little did she expect that the Ninth Prince might have singled her out to talk, and Ninth Prince's action caused her heart to beat madly while her face turned red.

She lowered her face as she approached, "Lord Ninth."

If Bai Chen Feng was in a good mood, he would have felt good about his charms when he saw her attitude; but he was currently feeling urgent and could not help but felt slightly frustrated, "What's your name?"

"My lord, this one's surname is Hou, with the name Ning Xue." the young girl shyly replied.

Bai Chen Feng frowned, "A member of the Hou Noble Family?"

The young girl nodded, "Yes, my lord."

Bai Chen Feng had always felt some regret towards the Hou Family, because he was behind the reason for Hou San Hao's death…

Therefore, his voice turned slightly gentle, "When you went out on mission the previous time, what happened within the sea? Why did you not give Huan Qing Yan a Swift Water Talisman as well?"

This was something that Bai Chen Feng has been wondering but never had the chance to clarify, now that he saw Hou Ning Xue so he casually asked, little did he expect that Hou Ning Xue suddenly turned pale.

She stuttered and said, "My lord, we used our credits to exchange for it, we did not know that Lady Huan did not exchange any…"

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