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He had been constantly monitoring Huan Qing Yan's situation through the Phoenix Feather Bell.  When he noticed how Jin Da Zhong and his disciple treated Huan Qing Yan, a cold fire lit up within his eyes. Those two people… should better start thinking about how they want to die.

Only when Nan Gong Bei Cheng appeared did Ji Mo Ya's clenched fists gradually relax by a miniscule amount.

The Nan Gong Clan?

They hadn't had a lot achievements in the recent years and had been forming marriage alliances with the big clans within the empires. Their younger generations fell short of what was expected of them, but this Nan Gong Bei Cheng however seemed to be special…

He must settle the score.

"Mo Si, increase our speed."

Mo Si silently acknowledged, this was already the upper speed limit, any faster and the energy consumption rate would steeply increase.

It was an Orange Rank Flying Equipment, but no matter how good the Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage was, it still possessed an upper speed limit To forcefully overexert it would most likely cause the equipment to soon turn into scrap.

However, it did not matte. After all the one thing the Young Master did not lack was money!

An underground chamber laid under the Law Enforcement building of Zero Light Hall, that was the place where they held the demon men captive.

There were a few hundred metal cages within this chamber, each metal cage to accommodate one demon man.

Most of the demon men had already lost their ability to think and possessed great destructive powers, locking them within these metal cages made of Thousand-Year-Old Cold Iron prevents them from escaping no matter how crazy they become.

Huan Qing Yan was also locked within one of these cages.

Zhang You Wei was a towering middle aged man, when standing beside Jin Da Zhong, he looked exceptionally tall and big, and also very righteous looking.

"Da Zhong, I know you are being professional and wanted to provide treatment personally to this demon man that you found within the Cliff of Reflection; you are just an ordinary Spirit Chef any longer, but a Master Rank who could make Medicinal Foods. However, it is better that we manage the demon men as a group; my direct junior brother was the Hall Master of the Law Enforcement Hall of Zero Light, and also our Beta Hall do not have much matters to attend to. During these dire times, I must naturally help my junior brother with this matter…"

Jin Da Zhong's fat meat trembled slightly, he nearly cursed him on the spot.

Zhang You Wei was using the Law Enforcement Hall as an excuse to force him to give up Huan Qing Yan, as the Law Enforcement Hall has full authority over this matter, he had no reason not to hand her over.

In addition, Zhang You Wei and the Hall Master of the Law Enforcement Hall of Zero Light Hall were indeed fellow disciples, and they maintained a close relationship; although Jin Da Zhong has a backer within the academia as well, it was not enough to contend with the support that this two martial brothers would give to each other.

Regardless of that, Nan Gong Bei Cheng and Zhang You Wei, the pair of master and disciple had also entered his list of hateful individuals within the academia. Once he broke through and become a King Spirit Master, he would make sure to get back at them.

This was not the time for hostilities, so he could only force out a smile, "I have did a check earlier on, this girl has a higher chance of being saved by others, and as a spirit chef, I should also share some of the academia's burden as well."

"Brother Da Zhong has been troubled, the matters of Hidden Origin's Spirit Chef Hall I'm not privy to, and I also have absolutely no knowledge regarding Medicinal Foods as well. Fortunately, I have a disgraceful disciple that has an unruly and lazy character, he requires some discipline, so I have arranged for him to come here and be a helper for your Spirit Chef Hall, as well as look after these demon men…"

Nan Gong Bei Cheng immediately accepted, "Yes Master! As a member of Surging Wave Academia, this disciple should do his part to share the burdens of the academia. It is only proper that I take care of my fellow juniors who were demonized."

Jin Da Zhong was unable to hold his smile any longer.

This pair of master and disciple were obviously guarding against him, even making arrangements to send Nan Gong Bei Cheng to his camp and to take care of her…

From the looks of things, it seems like he would not be able to enjoy this girl's tender little flower.

Since she had really turned into an idiot, he would not be able to find out anything from her even if he did a soul search.

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