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This time, he personally made a trip down to the Cliff of Reflection, yet not only was he unexpectedly unable to settle the matter and get what he wanted, a respectable elder of humanity appeared to protect this little woman.

To hide the truth, he needed to spin all sorts of stories, causing him to lose all his face eventually.

Now that he has returned, he immediately sat on his precious chair to properly give his pile of fatty flesh some good rest.

Huan Meng Yue pushed Huan Qing Yan towards Jin Da Zhong, causing her to fall in front of him…

Huan Qing Yan was wearing clothing made from thin silk, it wrapped around her slender and petite body, her plump chest was standing proud while her face was shaped like a goose-egg, giving her a gracious form of beauty. Despite her crazed look, her elegance and beauty could not be shadowed.

Jin Da Zhong lifted Huan Qing Yan's chin, "Young lady, you can stop your act now, this one has not even started Soul Search on you, it is impossible for you to turn derange like this!"

Huan Qing Yan waved her hands randomly while saying, "Kill you, kill you!"

However, Jin Da Zhong continued to hold her chin without moving.

Huan Meng Yue mocked and fanned discord from the side, "Young Mistress, stop trying to play tricks in front of master, my master is too great to be fooled by you, just be honest and confess everything!"

Huan Qing Yan continued to display interchanging expressions between silly laughing, smiling and crying; she stopped waving her arms and started to weep again.

Her eyes were listless as tears started to fall off it.

Her gentle breath blew towards Jin Da Zhong's face, inhaling that unique scent of young woman had caused a specific area of Jin Da Zhong to develop a reaction…

Jin Da Zhong caressed the cheek of Huan Qing Yan, "You are truly an excellent woman. Speak, what happened within the Tyrant King Lizard's Cave? What did you saw?"

Upon receiving such a harassment, Huan Qing Yan instinctively reacted and tried to struggle.

Huan Meng Yue chirpily said, "Master, this girl was once the designated Spirit Chef of Ji Mo Clan's Ji Mo Ya. She had lived with him before and was Ji Mo Ya's old flame, it was said that he adored her deeply…"

She knew that this master of hers was not only exceptionally fat, he was also exceptionally lecherous, although he had touched her multiple times, but he did not force himself on her because of the fairy that was behind her.

So, why not let him have Huan Qing Yan? Firstly, it could divert those ugly thoughts towards he for a moment. Secondly, was it not said that Huan Qing Yan was kind of awesome? After seducing Ji Mo Ya, she also seduced Bai Chen Feng; with so many men attracted to her, she wanted to see if they would still feel the same after knowing that she had slept with such a disgusting old man!

Jin Da Zhong's gaze has indeed turned slightly excited at that knowledge, "Ji Mo Ya is a celestial like character, is what you said true? They truly no longer have any relations?"

A woman that even Ji Mo Ya was interested, he was surely keen on trying as well, she might taste good.

"No more, Ji Mo Ya abandoned her and left long ago." Huan Meng Yue knew Jin Da Zhong was very lecherous, yet rather timid, so she spoke in a confident tone.

Jin Da Zhong immediately got excited; one could hear the cloth ripping as he tore apart it the from Huan Qing Yan's chest, after the other robe was torn, it revealed the too thin inner wear underneath.

Huan Qing Yan continued her crazed and silly expressions, other than the interchanging expressions of laughing and crying, she did not have any other reactions.

"Looked like she had really turned into an idiot!" Jin Da Zhong frowned before revealing a lecherous smile, "Even if she really become an idiot, she still has her uses, let's decide after I enjoyed her; after that, I will use you to attract Bai Chen Feng that brat."

Huan Meng Yue tactfully gave a bow, "Master, Meng Yue shall take my leave first."

Jin Da Zhong ignored her.

The next instant, with another tearing sound, he tore off Huan Qing Yan's entire outer robe, her undergarments could be vaguely seen under her inner wear, while her exquisite body got even more perfect, causing him to feel an itch that really needed scratching.

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