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And it ends there.

If you have money, give it up. If you don't, then prepare to receive a beating…

Today, Nan Gong Bei Cheng was taking a nap when three people suddenly appeared in front of him, he did not take a clear look at their faces, only noting that two of them were wearing the uniform of Alpha Hall students.

Thus, he said, "Brother, congratulations on leaving the Cliff of Reflection and becoming a new person, this bro is specially here to receive you… eh, isn't this Teacher Jin? Teacher Jin, you are here because…?"

What brightened his day was that he was finally able to see the little beauty that he has been thinking of every day!

Little beauty has been released?

Something's wrong!

If she was released, why was she being restrained by Teacher Jin?

Who is that beauty beside Teacher Jin, that small face, snow white skin, and slender body…

However, she was not the type that he liked, she was not half as beautiful as his little beauty!

Eh? Little beauty's expression seems weird?

"Nan Gong Bei Cheng, what are you fooling around here for? Do not think that because your Hall Master is having your back, you could bully the students of other halls!" the Fat Teacher righteously reprimanded.

A sense of displeasure flashed through Nan Gong Bei Cheng's eagle eyes, "Yes, Jin Teacher is right, this student dare not do this again. Teacher Jin, may I ask where are you going with that girl?"

Nan Gong Bei Cheng grew up as a member amongst the Eight Great Clans, and though he was quite the egomaniac, that did not meant that he was stupid.

All teachers possessed the cultivation of Mystic Spirit Masters and above, and although he did not possessed the capability to snatch the girl away, he could still use roundabout methods.

The strangest thing now was that the little beauty looked at him as though she did not recognize him at all; she would also occasionally laugh foolishly at herself, while mumbling something.

This was extremely abnormal!

"This new student here has demonized; this teacher is bringing her to Hidden Origin Hall for treatment. Stop being nosy, scram now if there is nothing else."

As Jin Da Zhong spoke, he carried Huan Qing Yan away.

"Teacher, could there be a mistake? There has never been such a gentle demon man, maybe it is something else?" Nan Gong Bei Cheng was alarmed at what he heard.

The little beauty has transformed into a demon man?

No wonder she was unable to recognize him and not reacting to his presence, had she really become a demon man?

Surging Wave Academia was strengthening their measures against demon men, many people had been locked up in isolation, while severe cases were said to have completely disappeared, all of them were under the orders of being locked up for treatment.

He could not be bothered about the fates of others, but the little beauty was the first person in his twenty odd years of life that caught his heart at first sight; he must get to the bottom of this.

Jin Da Zhong was losing patience, "The demon soul had been laying dormant within her for a long period of time, we cannot delay her treatment any longer, get out of the way!"

Nan Gong Bei Cheng could only obediently let them through.

Huan Meng Yue followed after Jin Da Zhong's steps; before departing, she gave Nan Gong Bei Cheng a lingering gaze.

It contained some amorous intent within.

Unfortunately, Nan Gong Bei Cheng's mind was currently filled with thoughts of how to help Huan Qing Yan, that amorous gaze from Huan Meng Yue was totally ignored.

When Jin Da Zhong entered the building, he locked up the door.

His accommodation was located at the corner of a palace that was located within the central region.

From the outside, his place does not look big, however, the interior was exceptional spacious, it possessed various wide rooms such as cooking room, ingredients room, cultivation room.

Huan Meng Yu looked at Huan Qing Yan who was still silly laughing, "Master, what do we do now?"

Jin Da Zhong coldly glared a Huan Qing Yan, "No divine sense would probe here, I want to properly ask this crazy girl and see if she had really gone crazy or not!"

As he spoke, he sat on the chair he usually used.

He does not like to move much usually, it was pretty strenuous to move about considering the large amount of fats on his body.

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