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"Lass, your words are very interesting, are you suspecting that someone wants to poison this old man? Within Surging Wave Academia, in the territory of humanity, why would there be someone trying to harm this old man?" Elder Snow suddenly stopped talking, remembering that lurking figure in front of the Tyrant King Lizard's cave.

Can it be!

He had only taken a slightly longer glimpse out of curiosity; to murder to silence him, had he attracted danger just because of that?

Even to the point of using someone else's hands to kill?

Elder Snow was unable to comprehend it for the moment.

"It is always better to be careful, this is very important, if you are unable to do as requested, then this junior is afraid I am powerless to assist you." This was the best she could think of; otherwise, Huan Qing Yan would not risk getting involved in this potential danger.

If in the future, she might once again be framed for killing a respectable senior of humanity due to helping him now, why bother with helping him in the first place!

"I agree, I naturally agree, although it would be slightly troublesome, this old man is a person who values my own life. Lass, to be so prudent, are you perhaps in some spot of big trouble recently? If not, let this old man get the Hall Masters to release you, or let them transfer you to this forbidden grounds to be with this old man? The spirit energy here is exceptionally rich…"

Huan Qing Yan smiled but did not directly answer his question, "Elder Snow, there is no need for that. If Elder Snow has the ability, you can just help me set up a spell formation for my surroundings, it is to prevent anyone from spying and disrupting me while I am making the medicinal soup. As you know, us Spirit Chefs do not divulge our cooking recipes to outsiders…"

"That is not a problem at all!"

Although Elder Snow was currently using only his divine sense, but divine sense also possesses the ability to attack, with a few moves, he managed to carve various runes on the walls of the cave; eventually creating a simple spell formation. The messy looking markings on the cave eventually immersed into the cracks of the cave wall and disappeared.

However, Huan Qing Yan was able to accurately sense that the cave had turned exceptionally quiet.

Not even the sound of flowing water could be heard, it was as though something invisible had negated all sound.

"Young lass, I have placed a spell formation outside your stone room, anyone whose cultivation is lower than this old man would be detected, you will be able to sense them if they approach or use their divine sense to probe. Rest assured, within Surging Wave Academia, only a handful of people has higher cultivation than this old man, and all of them are not Spirit Chefs, so they will not spy on your recipe, this old man will give you his assuarance that I will not spy on you. If this old man is to visit, I will announce my presence to you from outside first…"

"Thank you, Elder Snow!"

Now that security has been improved, she could enter the dimension to cook food in peace.

The black figure had finally gathered his courage to enter the cave of the Tyrant King Lizard.

He searched the entire nest without spending much effort, after one round of searching, it was noticed that the place was empty.

Not even a residual presence could be discovered.

He did not give up, and casted a summoning spell! As before, there was still no reaction.

The black figure went into rage…

A series of swear words came out of his mouth!

Within the crude interior of a cave, Ji Mo Ya was seated donning his usual long white robe.

His expression was calm with his eyes closed, his long eyelashes and slender brows were like those that could only be found in paintings, while emitting an elegant and exquisite demeanor.

In that moment, he opened his eyes.

He sensed someone was trying to contact the Tyrant King Lizard that he had captured…

It seems somewhat similar to the Plate Calling Spell that was widely used and forbidden within Surging Wave Academia recently?  

When Ji Mo Ya thought of Surging Wave Academia, he uncontrollably remembered the figure of a person, the heart that he spent great effort to calm down had once again turned chaotic.

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