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"This medicinal food is effective tome! Eating this small bowl of medicinal soup was enough to match a month of healing effect within the Spirit Springwater! This, this is truly unbelievable! Is this lass sent by the heavens to cure this old man?" Elder Snow raised his head and laughed out loud in excitement.

This was just too much of a pleasant surprise.

Elder Snow waited for Huan Qing Yan's next visit in anticipation…

The second day, Huan Qing Yan's two spirit treasures came, but Huan Qing Yan did not.

On the third day, Huan Qing Yan still did not visit, while her spirit treasures would occasionally act cute while fooling around.

Elder Snow was unable to remain patient anymore.

Huan Qing Yan entered a meditative state to cultivate, ever since Huan Meng Yue's visit, she was unable to feel settled, so she did not enter the dimension as well.

Suddenly, a voice entered her ears.

"Young lass, why did you not come visit this old man after so many days. This old man had been wondering where you have been!"

It startled Huan Qing Yan into a jump, she stood up and looked around, yet she saw no one.

"Senior? Is that you?"

"Haha, this old man is using a trace of my divine sense to contact you. Speaking of which, young lass, this old man still has some rare spirit plants here, you can come choose some for yourself if you like. There's no need to be polite…" Elder Snow said.

Black lines appeared on Huan Qing Yan's head, "I thank senior's kind intentions."

She would be in his debt again if she went, creating those spirit dishes was not hard, but that medicinal soup took a lot of effort; it has a low success rate, and required a lot of ingredients and time; its value could be said to be comparable to the three rare spirit plants that was given to her.

However, the most important point, was that she did not want to reveal her secret.

"Ke, you are too polite, those spirit dishes that you made for this old man, especially that medicinal soup, had greatly aided this old man's body, are you able to give more to this old man?" Elder Snow inquired.

Huan Qing Yan was in a dilemma as she replied, "It is great to learn that the medicinal soup is able to help senior. However, it was extremely difficult to make that medicinal soup, in addition, I do not have enough ingredients."

Other than that, there was also one more reason that she held back from saying.

In the previous life, Elder Snow died from eating Huan Qing Yan's spirit dishes, if Elder Snow were to eat it in this timeline, resulting in his death again, then won't she become a sinner of humanity once again? It is a great crime to collude with demons, she would not be able to escape death by hot oil.

"What are the ingredients, just tell this old man, I will get Wu Cang Hai to deliver them!"

Huan Qing Yan gritted her teeth, Elder Snow was a hero of humanity, she also felt happy to be able to assist him.

To gather the ingredients listed in the recipe was not easy, if Elder Snow was truly able to gather all of them by himself, then she could also use the chance to increase her cooking proficiency as a Spirit Chef, allowing her to become a High Spirit Chef.

If Elder Snow was able to recover early, his chances of encountering danger would also be greatly reduced.

But, the problem about safety!

"This junior can help senior make some more, however, I hope senior would agree to this junior's request." Huan Qing Yan said.

"Go on! If it is something that this old man can do, this old man will promise you." He had been stuck in Surging Wave Academia for more than a dozen years, now that a bowl of medicinal soup that provides one month's worth of recovery is available, how could he not be estatic.

"I need you to promise me, that no matter what you eat from now, you must do a thorough inspection first, no matter if it is from me or from anyone else, you must make sure that it does not contain any traces of poison before you consume it. As for the medicinal soup, I will be telling you all its required ingredients, at your level of cultivation, you should be able to determine its composition. If you ever notice any additional or reduction of its components, you must tell me immediately and verify with me… can you do that?"

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