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"Enough!" Huan Qing Yan said in a low voice.

All rare spirit plants were valuable items, the senior was already treating her very kindly for giving her one as a greeting gift.

Elder Snow magnanimously said, "Since that little fella likes the Immortal Scarlet Root which has the probability of boosting agility attributes, it meant it is an agility type, just go ahead and harvest one then."

When the Leaf Spirit Treasure heard him, it flew towards the elder and circled him while dancing, displaying its affection towards the elder.

With such a positive precedent, the pig spirit treasure quickly followed suit!

It too came out and headed towards a clam-like plant that was covered in scales and grunted, from the dimension's analysis earlier, this was the Divine Ichthyosaur Scale, anotherspirit plant that could be consumed!

The Pig Spirit Treasure acted cute while gazing towards the elderly man and grunted…

Displaying a look that says, I am also cute and needs to eat a rare spirit plant as well.

Elder Snow could not help but laugh out loud, "Sure, get your owner to dig up one for you. This plant should be able to boost the strength attribute!"

The Pig Spirit Treasure immediately jumped up in joy.

Just like that, Huan Qing Yan dug up three rare spirit plants, obtaining a bountiful harvest.

One human two spirit treasures, each of them obtained something for themselves.

Huan Qing Yan also gave her sincere thanks once again.

Elder Snow waved his hand, "This elder has been here for more than a dozen years and bored during this time, to be able to meet you here is also considered fate, there is no need to be so courteous. Just come visit this old man for a chat whenever you have the time, otherwise you might want to release your spirit treasures to accompany this old man to relieve me of boredom."

"Okay senior." Huan Qing Yan agreed to his request, the two spirit treasures also nodded happily and accepted his request.

With so many good stuffs to eat here, even if they were not invited, they would also visit this place in secret, there might be an opportunity for them to eat some good stuff…

As for Huan Qing Yan, after accepting these valuable items from Elder Snow, she would have felt embarrassed if she did not agree to his request.

After walking a few steps away, Huan Qing Yan suddenly turned around, "I wonder what is the ailment that has been plaguing senior's body? Can this junior provide some assistance?"

Elder Snow smiled, "I appreciate your good thoughts! You cannot help me, it is a problem regarding my heart and lungs."

"Senior is a hero of humanity that this junior reveres. I shall not disturb senior anymore, this junior will take her leave."

It was indeed a problem with his heart and lungs, this was the same ailment during the reincarnated girl's time, to be able to survive so long without any heart and lungs; this was truly a strange yet extraordinary phenomenon.

Huan Qing Yan left the forbidden grounds of the Spirit Springwater region with her two spirit treasures.

Outside the cave of the Tyrant King Lizard.

That gloomy shadow had once again placed a high spirit dish into the cave.

This time, he had tied a thin nearly invisible thread onto the spirit dish… before placing it within the cave of the Tyrant King Lizard.

After waiting for nearly an hour outside the cave, he reeled in the thread again.

The food that was tied onto the thread was still intact and at the same time, without any single trace of it being touched.

A ruthless energy swelled up from the figure.

He had been throwing food for several years without pause and have nurtured that remnant soul for so long. Yet, when the time of harvest was close, it had disappeared?

Was it related to the two new students?

That cannot be, that Tyrant King Lizard might only be a remnant soul, but it was still exceptionally powerful, the two new students absolutely had no power to deal with it…

What had happened?

He must get to the bottom of this, his efforts must not be taken away by another person…

At that instant, as he suddenly felt the gaze of someone looking at him in secret, he broke out in cold sweat, was it the person who spoilt his plans?

Was he discovered?

No matter who the person is, he cannot stay here any longer!

That gloomy shadow quickly left the cave entrance of the Tyrant King Lizard…

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