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Good job Leafy!

"Senior, if there is nothing else, this junior shall take my leave." Huan Qing Yan was worried that someone would happen to investigate that little black cave; if she was discovered to be no longer there, it was likely she willreceive even heavier punishments.

If she were to be locked up for another eight to ten years, her youth would be dedicated to the Cliff of Reflection.

Elder Snow replied, "Wait a minute. Little Lady, do you have a master teaching you?"

Why did he ask this? Was he thinking of accepting her as his disciple?

Better not, this person was very dangerous, the reincarnated girl lost her life due to an incident that happened here, to play safe, it was better for her to keeps her distance from Elder Snow.

While Huan Qing Yan was on alert, she also recalled that Ji Mo Ya had thought her Phantom Shifting Step and the technique of using spirit energy to write, so she vaguely replied, "A master… it can be considered that I have one."

A flash of disappointment came over the Elder Snow, before he turned cheerful again. "Hahaha, then so be it, this old man has found a good seed, it led to the intent of getting a disciple being borne. However, since you already have a master then so be it, this old man's body isn't good, and it is not known how long more I can live. If I accept you as my disciple, it will be my short-sightedness, this old man is being too reckless."

Huan Qing Yan smiled, "I thank Elder Snow for thepraises."

Elder Snow asked, "Eh? Young lass, you recognized this old man?"

Opps, she let slipped her tongue by accident.

However, there was still room to recover, "Elder Snow has accumulated many great merits for humanity. In the battle against demons more than a dozen years ago, your many achievements and portrait can be found within our Surging Wave Academia…"

Elder Snow laughed out loud, "So that's the reason, young lass you have quite a way with your words, this old man's injuries are grave and have been receiving treatment from the Spirit Springwater of your Surging Wave Academia for over a dozen years, you are the first person who trespassed into the forbidden grounds of the Spirit Springwater…"

Huan Qing Yan broke into cold sweat, she had not expected herself to leave the Cliff of Reflection while chasing her spirit treasures.

"Then I shall not disturb senior's treatment, this junior shall return to repent."

Elder Snow smiled happily, "Us meeting could be considered somewhat fated, as your senior, let this old man give you a greeting gift. Since this old man has been undergoing treatment, I do not have any valuables on me. How about this, there are several rare spirit plants growing in this area, select one for yourself… treating it as an old man borrowing from nature to impart a gift."

With a wave of his hand, behind the Spirit Springwater bubble where Elder Snow was in, a hidden space was revealed.

When Huan Qing Yan looked over, a large patch of aquatic spirit plants entered her vision, many of these plants was not recognizable by her.

"Ding! Discover Immortal Scarlet Roots!"

"Ding! Discover Divine Ichthyosaur Scale!"

"Ding! Discover Ocean Life Flower…"

Countless notification rings came from the dimension, it felt very impatient, as though it was giving an intention of wanting to bring everything into the dimension.

Huan Qing Yan disagreed and replied with her mind, "Can you be reserved? Those belongs to someone else, no point being so impatient. In addition, didn't we just receive a large quantity of Ink Jade Lingzi? When those Ink Jade Lingzhi matures, it would surely be enough for you to upgrade, so stay calm."

Only then did the dimension calmed down a bit.

After educating the dimension, Huan Qing Yan coughed lightly, "Senior, how can I do such a thing…"

The old man with snow white beard smiled and said, "Go ahead."

Huan Qing Yan did not decline again, she had long set her sights on the Ocean Life Flower. She's worried that her Brother Jiu Li's mute sickness might relapse - thesmall Ocean Life Flower that she had was used up long ago.

She planed to acquire one stalk to plant and grow…

Huan Qing Yan walked over and plucked a Ocean Live Flower, "I thank senior."

Little did she expect that after she plucked the flower, the Leaf Spirit Treasure ran out and circled a slender vine-like plant, when Huan Qing Yan looked over, that vine was called Immortal Scarlet Roots, was Leafy implying that it wants that?

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