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And started meditating.

The Hanging Cloud Royal Palace.

"Lord Father how is your body? What did the imperial doctors say?" Bai Chen Feng anxiously asked immediately after he returned.

Bai Jing Hua gave a hearty laugh, "My body is fine, I heard that you've gotten into some trouble in Surging Wave Academia and was worried about your wellbeing. So I came up with an excuse to get you to return and hide for a while…"

Bai Chen Feng's expression froze for a moment, "Lord Father, please do not make such jokes in the future. This son has just joined the academia and has to use this period to obtain a good result. This matter has greatly disrupted my education."

He had been constantly worried about Qing Yan, after being left alone in the Cliff of Reflection. He only rushed back here  because he was worried that his Lord Father wouldn't last any longer.

If he knew it was a lie from the very beginning, he absolutely would not have to left Huan Qing Yan alone at this point of time.

How lonely must Huan Qing Yan be right now?

"Lord Father, this son shall now return to the academia immediately."

Bai Jing Hua did not expect his son to change his mood so quickly. To choose to leave immediately without even staying for a night.

He became displeased, after travelling such a long journey, what was so attractive about the academia that made him want to return without even talking to his father.

With a cough, "Ninth, there is a reason why Lord Father called you back. As you know, the crown prince has passed away, it is not good for an empire to go without a proper successor for too long. Now that you've returned, stay for a couple of days. Lord Father wishes to give you the position of Crown Prince, we need to prepare the coronation ceremony…"

Bai Chen Feng pondered for a moment and accepted the arrangement.

The position of Crown Prince was something that he had been eyeing for a very long time, he would just have to wait a few more days to get it.

Huan Qing Yan was now even more intelligent, her character was no longer like before. He believed that she would be temporarily fine.

Due to the escaping incident, Huan Qing Yan was once again given a heavy punishment.

Her confinement period was extended from the previous period of one month to half a year.

The place of confinement was still a Reflection Cave along side the cliff. However instead of the far edges, she had been shifted to the center of the cliff. The cave this time was only about four meters wide, and the space within was mostly submerged in water, the only spot that was not wet was the area she was currently seated on. The height of the cave was about half a meter tall, just enough for her to maintain a meditative posture. Only then would she be able to avoid drowning.

As time goes by, it felt extremely hard, this was the place where people who had committed grave crimes were confined.

The cave was surrounded in darkness, not a single ray of gloomy light could enter.

The delivery of food had also changed to once a week, only when the delivery was made, would there be a trace of light entering the place.

If an ordinary person were locked up in here for a long time, they would most likely turn crazy from loneliness.

Half a year of meditating within this small black hole…

This was the treatment that Huan Meng Yue earned for her, she was unable to defend herself against the teachers. One party was a student  harvesting materials on the orders of her teacher, while the other was already an offender that was locked up. They naturally believed Huan Meng Yue without hesitation.

She didn't know why Huan Meng Yue did what she did. After thinking it through, the only conclusion she could get was that Huan Meng Yue wanted to extend her period of imprisonment.

Then what?

She would definitely come again!

To mock her daily?

Why would she come and mock her daily, what right does she have? No…

It cannot be that simple!

As Huan Qing Yan was unable to think of an answer, she decided not to worry about it for now. Since the situation had reached such a terrible state, how worst get it get?

She needed to be positive and brave, she couldn't allow the small Huan Meng Yue to defeat her.

Within the small dark cave, light was not a problem, she summoned her pig spirit treasure.

The pig spirit treasure had five Goose-Egg size stars on its head, it was enough to illuminate the area. The only problem was the lack of space for the pig spirit to move about, causing it to feel very awkward.

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