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"If someone must die then it should be you, you are selfish with no regard for others. Your untrustworthy, someone who does not know how show gratitude!" for the sake of Ji Mo Ya, Huan Qing Yan must fight it out till the end.

She wanted to get back control of this body and personally apologize to Young Master Ya.

If she knew this day would come then she would have secretly informed Ji Mo Ya of the fact that her body was hiding another soul.He might have been able to help her if he knew beforehand.

Maybe it's because she was just too kind, she had always seen the reincarnated girl as a family member that she could trust.

By the time she noticed that something was not right, Ji Mo Ya was already no longer by her side.

There were two of souls were within the sea of conscious, one was Huan Qing Yan, the other was the reincarnated girl. Both of them were attacking and tearing at each other to no end.

Every time Huan Qing Yan received an attack from the reincarnated girl, she would experience a head splitting headache that pushed her to the verge of collapsing.

"If you don't go away then I will bite you to death. You're just a lonely wild soul, return me my body…" as if she had been blessed by the gods, the reincarnated girl slowly started to get the upper hand of the situation. "Hahaha, I had planned to stay hidden and nurture myself for a while longer, but little did I expect that we would encounter a soul stone. The heavens are helping me! A pity my ambush attack on Ji Mo Ya failed,else I could have harvested his heart's blood to assist Ninth Dear's cultivation and maybe even let him awaken a second spirit treasure…"

Huan Qing Yan was so angry that she was on the verge of vomiting blood. As she was slowly being beaten back, the reincarnated girl suddenly felt her soul entity being whipped!

"Ouch! What is this?"

Pa! another strike came.

This time, both Huan Qing Yan and the reincarnated girl were able to observe it clearly. It was a slender, green, vine-like item, it was soft yet extremely strong, like a shadow it moved about with a blur.

This was what was heavily whipping the soul of the reincarnated girl.

"Little Leaf?" Huan Qing Yan's eyes brightened.

It's the leaf spirit treasure!

Its professional harassing skills of whipping, slapping, and poking was something that Huan Qing Yan was all too familiar with!

The leaf spirit treasure was helping her!

With this acknowledgement, Huan Qing Yan's confidence was greatly increased.

The reincarnated girl who also saw it shouted out loud, "Leaf spirit treasure, I'm also your master. Why are you whipping me?"

Pa! She was whipped once again..

It was decisive and tidy, without even the slightest hesitation.

The reincarnated girl shreaked, "No wonder two spirit treasures awoke this body, it's because the leaf spirit treasure belonged to you! Pig spirit treasure come out now! You were awoken by me so quickly help me!"

A lazy "grunt" was heard.

At the same time, a miniature illusion of a pig appeared within the sea of conscious.

The reincarnated girl acted as if her savior had appeared, "Quickly, help me deal with that leaf spirit treasure, just prevent it from attacking."

The pig spirit treasure contempulated at Huan Qing Yan, then the reincarnated girl , after which it gazed at the blurry ghost-like figure of the swaying leaf spirit. It shook its head and retreated to a safe spot…apparently it did not wish to help either side.

The reincarnated girl was dumbstruck, "Little pig you are my spirit treasure, quickly help me!"

Still the pig spirit did not act.

Huan Qing Yan used this opportunity to counterattack. If she didn't make use of this chance, there wouldn't be another opportunity.

By cooperating with the Little Leaf's expert harassing techniques, the reincarnated girl was constantly under attack, allowing Huan Qing Yan to get the upper hand.

A short while later, Huan Qing Yan pushed the reincarnated girl to the ground and sat on top of her, giving her a very good beating…

The reincarnated girl's soul became weaker and weaker…

"Huan Qing Yan, I admit my mistake, please let me go. I will never to do it again, Huan Qing Yan…"

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