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"Little Yan, what happened to you?"

Huan Qing Yan didn't reply, if Bai Chen Feng had not been supporting her she would have likely fallen down already.

"Little Yan, Little Yan…" the first thing Bai Chen Feng thought was that, Ji Mo Ya had secretly done something to her that he had yet to notice?

However, Young Master did not seem like someone who would do something like that behind their backs after giving them his blessings. Even if he did, his instincts told him that the target would surely have been him and not Little Yan.

If he was in the same shoes, he wouldn't have harmed Little Yan but instead strike at the man who was together with her.

Huan Qing Yan's eyes closed as she fainted.

Bai Chen Feng anxiously held her tightly and quickly swam out of the cave.

The current Huan Qing Yan was locked in an intense battle with the reincarnated girl!

Having witnessed everything unfold, Huan Qing Yan felt despair and anguish. While trying to figure out how the reincarnated girl was able to take control of the body for so long without weakening, she realised that the reincarnated girl had been gripping the glowing stone in her hand the whole time.

It was stone that Bai Chen Feng removed from the cave wall!

The stone was what strengthened the soul of the reincarnated girl!

After they left the range of Ji Mo Ya's vision, the reincarnated girl started to use the stone's power to attack Huan Qing Yan, hoping to force her out of this body…

Her vicious intentions were abundantly clear.

Huan Qing Yan could no longer tolerate it and resisted it with all her might. Even if the result was that both sides had to pay a heavy price, she would not allow herself to be forced out so easily and let the reincarnated girl win.

With the power the strange stone the reincarnated girl's soul became powerful and exerted a lot of pressure on Huan Qing Yan.

"Reincarnated girl, I've always treated you fairly, yet you do this to me…"

The reincarnated girl replied with a complete lack of mercy, "Humph, go away. Get out! This was originally my body anyway, you're just a soul from another place. Get lost!"

"Without me, your incomplete soul would have dissipated by now! This body would have long been rotting underground before you could have even reached your current condition! Not only that, I was the one who unlocked the dimension, I am the one who awoke two spirit treasures, I am also the one that attracted a Goose Egg Star. What right do you have to call this body yours? Everything this body has rightnow was due to my own efforts, while you're only a struggling broken soul that borrows this body while on death's door." Huan Qing Yan was about to relinquish this body so easily..

"Huan Qing Yan, I of beg you. Please don't stop me from being together with Ninth Dear. I love him, I've loved him for two lifetimes! Huan Qing Yan, since you're so powerful surely you can find a better body,please let me have it?" the reincarnated girl once again tried to appeal.

"Do not speak of love to me, you're not worthy of the word love! You can hurt me all you want, but you've even tried to kill Young Master Ya and harvest his heart's blood. I will never let you off! A thankless wretch like you with your treachery and selfishness. It's what you deserved for experiencing such a terrible death in your last life!" Huan Qing Yan spat with raging temper.

"Huan Qing Yan, you are just a lone soul with an unknown background, you can just go die…"

Huan Qing Yan was slowly being pushed back, the pressure from the stone was just too great for her to bear.

"Reincarnated girl, this is your true nature! For the sake of your own selfish desires in your past life, you abandoned your family. But not only did your family members ignore you,even Bai Chen Feng looked down on you and left you! The only reason Bai Chen Feng came back to look for you was simply due to guilt and not because he loves you. The Huan Qing Yan that he likes is the one that values friendships and bonds.Not you, the Huan Qing Yan that was selfish and cold blooded…"

"Shut up! Just shut up! I'll kill you!" the reincarnated girl was shamed into anger.

As the two quarreled and fought within the sea of consciousness no one was controlling the body. putting it in an unconscious state. It was currently being cradled with great effort by a swimming Bai Chen Feng.

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