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The two of them started investigating the rock cavern hand in hand.

The rock cavern possessed many passages. Like a completely different world; the interior looked like a maze. It was exceptionally big, even after twisting and turning through the passages, they didn't manage to find an exit.

They didn't know how many turns they had made in the end, before they returned to the entrance of the cave.

However, the marking that they made at the cave entrance had mysteriously disappeared.

This was without a doubt the same cave entrance, they were able to see the two demon me still lurking outside the entrance!

Both of them felt that something wasn't right.

This place was too strange!

Yet, there was nothing inside. They didn't encounter a single living thing, small fish or crabs. Due to the bizarre situation both of them felt even more strange.

They picked another passage, and after an unknown amount of time, noticed some light coming from deep within the passage in front of them.

The two of them walked over and discovered several glowing stones, they looked like Night Light Pearls but were also different from them. They were not as bright as Night Light Pearls and did not possess a smooth surface, the stones were irregular in shape.

There was also some darkness trapped within the stones, causing the stones glow to erratically switch between dim and bright.

Huan Qing Yan got curious and wondered what it was.

"Bai Chen Feng, what is this?"

Bai Chen Feng wanted to pick one up to inspect closely, but noticed that they were stuck to the cave wall, only after he summoned his magic equipment to hit it, did he managed to break off a small piece the size of a fingernail.

After taking a detailed look, he shook his head. "I'm not sure, it possessed spirit energy within it so it should be something good."

"Let me take a look." Huan Qing Yan felt an instinctive desire for this stone.

She did not know why, but she had a strong urge to hold the stone.

Bai Chen Feng did not think too much about it and passed it to her while joking, "Hey, are you thinking of selling this stone for money?"

As Huan Qing Yan touched the stone, an indescribable happiness and excitement welled up in her.

"Why would I? I just want this stone."

As she spoke, she lifted her hand to try and pluck more out of the cave walls. But no matter how much strength she used, she was unable to get another piece.

Bai Chen Feng said, "Then just take that piece. You should save your strength, we need to locate a way out first. We can always return to mine them some other time."

"Thank you." Huan Qing Yan kept it.

An unhappy gaze flashed through Bai Chen Feng's eyes, he lifted his brow and did not speak. This lass would get close to him sometimes and push him away at other times. He could sometimes feel her love towards him, yet during other times she would be exceptionally courteous; treating him like a stranger of strangers.

The two of them continued their journey forward, the more they travelled, the more their hopeless increased as their path unendingly stretched before them

Not only that, they also felt something watching them, it's gaze filled with ill intentions…

Although the Ji Mo Clan and Surging Wave Academia were very far from each other, if Ji Mo Ya used everything in his ability to travel at his fastest speed, he would be able to reach it within half a month of travelling.

The Flowing Cloud Flying Car had already reached the territory of the Immortal Wave Empire.

Ji Mo Ya had been meditating with his eyes closed throughout the entire journey when he suddenly opened his eyes. Within his starry gaze hid various emotions from the eyes of other people.

"We are going to the Holy Court."

There was an unconcealable sense of urgency within his tone.

Mo Si was startled, to the Holy Court?

Only the Holy Court possessed transportation formations that were connected to the Four Great Academies. But each transfer was also exceptionally expensive, it was not something that could be used casually!

Aside from the huge amount of spirit stones being consumed, a large amount of achievement points would also be deducted. Even if one was a King Spirit Master, they would rarely use their achievement points on the transportation formation.

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