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He could turn his back on everyone under the heavens, but he would never turn his back on the person he loves. a man like that, could he be considered good or bad?

"No, Bai Chen Feng, no need to bother about me. Go ahead and use the Swift Water Talisman to escape…"

"What nonsense are you spouting Little Yan. I am your man, protecting his woman is what a man should do, you should go!"

While the two argued, they did not stop their movements as they swam into an area filled with underwater rocks.

There were countless caves of various sizes amongst the rocky terrain., Turf like this would be effective and advantageous against large monsters, but unfortunately they were being chased by two human sized demon men. If they tried to use the caves, the demon men might be benefited even more than them.

But oddly, the two demon men behind them stopped.

It seemed like they were afraid of something and did not dare to come close.

Yet, they were also unwilling to give up on the prey they've been chasing after for so long.

Bai Chen Feng and Huan Qing Yan were not stupid, they were able to tell that their reactions were due to the cluster of rocks…

Was there something strange amongst the rock clusters? What caused the demon men to be afraid?

Just as they were wondering, the two demon men decided to bear the pressure and resumed chasing after them. Bai Chen Feng and Huan Qing Yan quickly entered the largest cave they could find.

After swimming for a bit, they discovered the two demon men were lingering at the entrance of the cave without taking a single step inside.

The two of them were already exhausted beyond words, so they immediately stopped and rested.

Bai Chen Feng had a lot of good items on him. He took out a Shining Night Light Pearl that illuminated their surroundings.

It looked like they were in an ordinary rock cavern, the path ahead winded away and prevented them from seeing its end.

Bai Chen Feng's wound was white and pale, the bone easily seen. Qing Yan felt bad when she saw his condition.

She bandaged the wound again without being gentle, causing Bai Chen Feng's lips to turn pale from the pain.

"Bai Chen Feng, thank you for helping me."

"What is there to thank between the two of us. Little Yan, I've told you before that I would treat you well… This lord likes the current you!"

Huan Qing Yan's mind was unable to stay calm. Whenever she was with Bai Chen Feng, she could not help but feel frightened. She was afraid of the reincarnated girl coming out and doing something.

She diverted the conversation, "With the two demon men waiting outside, we are now trapped. Why don't we explore this place and see if there's another way out?"

Bai Chen Feng had the same idea as well.

"Sure, although we no longer have any Swift Water Talisman, we still have Water Repelling Talisman. I have some brand new ten-charge talismans with me, take two of them in case of emergencies."

"How about you? Huan Qing Yan knew that each Water Repelling Talisman costs 10 credits, these two talismans would cost 200 credits to obtain.

Bai Chen Feng was also a new student, the number of credits he'd have would not be a lot. She felt bad for taking them.

Bai Chen Feng's smile possessed a devilish and domineering charm, "I am the king of the new recruits, I was given fifty charges of the Water Repelling Talisman! I'm able to stay underwater for a hundred hours without a worry."

Fifty charges!

It was five times more than Huan Qing Yan who was in third place.

Envy! Jealousy! Hate!

Huan Qing Yan didn't reject his offer again. She had already used six charges of her Water Repelling Talisman, with four left she could only last for eight more hours.

With the two new ten-charge talismans, she would have an additional forty hours of breathing time.

There shouldn't be any problems.

"Thank you. I'll return them to you when we get back."

Bai Chen Feng did not like to hear her saying thanks, with an unhappy look he grabbed her small hands. Just as Huan Qing Yan was about to resist, Bai Chen Feng said, "The lighting within the cave dim, we shouldn't stray from each other."

Only then did Huan Qing Yan calm down, the situation was special so she let the matter go.

There also no need to be bothered about the minor social restraints that a man and woman should observe.

These things should be left for after they've survived and returned.

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