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He pulled on her and swam, "Little Yan, move quickly!"

Bai Chen Feng!

It's Bai Chen Feng!

Huan Qing Yan was unable to describe the feeling she was experiencing, "You tailed me?"

"No, I happen to meet you by chance. You're not the only one that needs to go out into the sea to complete missions. This lord also needs to complete missions in the sea as well" Bai Chen Feng excused.

This lass ran away immediately after biting him,greatly confusing him. He would not feel at ease if he did not chase after her for answers.

Fortunately, he had made ample preparations. He didn't expect to get involved in this situation.

Huan Qing Yan peered at Bai Chen Feng with complex feelings. This guy has treated the reincarnated girl rather well after he reincarnated.

At this moment, she has no time to deal with this matter. Bai Chen Feng had managed to rescue her from danger at the very last minute. This was enough to waive off the small matter of him tailing her.

The two of them did not speak as they swiftly swam thru the water like flying fish.

As they were still within the sea grasses the lighting was poor, and they were unable to determine their direction.

The two demon men were also closely chasing after them, as the two of them were unable to determine their current direction, they were also unable to find out their current location.

As the chase went on, they moved further and further away from Surging Wave Academia.

Huan Qing Yan and Bai Chen Feng felt uncomfortable.

"Bai Chen Feng, the effects of my first Water Repelling Talisman are ending soon." Huan Qing Yan said after she started to have breathing difficulties.

"Quickly, use a second one!"

Huan Qing Yan used her second. As each talisman lasted for two hours it also meant that she'd been in the water for two hours.

At their speed they should have reached the sea entrance of Surging Wave a long time ago. Yet why has it not appeared?

Huan Qing Yan was had a very bad feeling!

The two demon men continued to chased after them without letting up.

"Do not be afraid, I have many Swift Water and Water Repelling Talismans."

The effects of the Swift Water Talisman only lasted for an hour. Within that hour the user's swimming speed would increase by two to three fold.

The chase went on for several more hours.

The sky also slowly began to turn dark.

After nightfall, the speed of the demon men seemed to have increased. In addition, they become even more frenzied.

Huan Qing Yan's heart slowly sank.

It was clear that they were travelling in the wrong direction. it was likely that they had entered the cavernous and unfamiliar regions of the sea.

There was also only one Swift Water Talisman left.

The two demon men chasing after them didn't seem to have any intention of giving up.

Earlier today, during the duel with Nan Gong Bei Cheng, Bai Chen Feng received an injury to his arm that nearly exposed his bone. After being submerged in water for so long the wound had already blanched white, he gritted his teeth due to the great pain.

Suddenly, Bai Chen Feng said, "Little Yan, I'll divert the attention of the two demon men away. Use the last Swift Water Talisman to escape to the surface in order to check if we've left Surging Wave Academia's surface barrier.

As Surging Wave Academia was constructed in the bottom of the sea, an ocean surface barrier the radius of a few thousand meters had been set up around it. It not only prevented outsiders from trespassing into the academia's territory, but also served to prevent students from leaving the sea whenever they wanted.

This information was described within the new student's handbook provided after they joined the academia.

The ocean surface barrier was the reason why they were in such a sorry state of being chased down by demon men. Despite the idea of escaping by leaving the ocean and flying away using flight magic equipment.

Bai Chen Feng even handed over his disc-shaped flying equipment to Huan Qing Yan, "Little Yan, you should quickly escape."

How could Huan Qing Yan accept that?

Bai Chen Feng was exceptionally disgusting and trashy before. Yet, for the sake of the reincarnated girl he was willing to sacrifice himself in order to give her the chance to escape…

This person, has really become hard to describe.

Bai Trash did love Huan Meng Yue before. For the person he loved, the reincarnated girl became someone he could easily throw away. Now that he loved the reincarnated girl, he was willing to give up everything for her.

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