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Huan Qing Yan bursted out in laughter, "I've seen shamelessness before, but I've never seen shamelessness of this level before!"

Only then did Wang Chao noticed Huan Qing Yan at the back of the group, his heart suddenly felt hollow for a moment before a feeling of joy drowned it out.

They were in the wilderness. Not only was their group weak and small, they had just hunted down two sea elephants so their mental powers must be quite depleted. This was a good opportunity to deal with her.

"Huan Qing Yan, you seduced my Cousin Bei Cheng and caused my Cousin Fei Fei to feel sad and hurt. We must properly settle this score today."

Huan Qing Yan was not afraid of him at all, she still possessed nine charges of Water Repelling Talisman, her dimension, and the flying magic equipment. If she couldn't win, she could still easily run…

"Eh? How come I don't see Lin Fei Fei? Is she hiding at home crying cause she's unable to face people? Well, its only natural, her engagement was renounced by her fiancé after all. No one would feel good after experiencing that!"

When Wang Chao saw Huan Qing Yan's calm expression, he felt hesitant.

Could it be that her man, Bai Chen Feng was near? That couldn't be. Cousin Bei Cheng had injured him, and it wasn't advisable to be in water while wounded; so Bai Chen Feng should not be here.

Suddenly, his thoughts took another turn. Since his Cousin Bei Cheng was attracted to her as well if he were to harm her and his cousin got wind of it, won't he get it deep trouble?

He thought and considered various ideas, but with his intellect he was unable to think up a good plan. Thus, he could only temporary withdraw his wish for revenge.

"Wang Chao! For the sake of this sea elephant, I will let you off today. Let us go!"

Chu Huan Wen shouted out due to impatience, his wounds that was bandaged had burst open as well, causing a large amount of blood to flow out.

The sea elephant was also good stuff to them, they couldn't let this chance of theirs to earning credits slip by.

Suddenly, his entire body jerked out of control, his eyes turned red and his waist started to oddly twist as his legs slowly turned into fins, his arms also expanded…

He turned into a large strange looking lobster!

Everyone was dumbstruck.

The human lobster crossed its claws, releasing a dull metallic sound. At the next instant, it dashed towards Wang Chao.

Wang Chao reacted instinctively in panic and placed his blade in front of his chest.

Dang! Poff! Violent sounds rang out as Wang Chao was sent flying backwards, fresh blood flowing out of the corners of his mouth.


"Run! Chu Huan Wen has gone mad!"

"We need to escape quickly; this type of demon man that went crazy can only be stopped by the teachers!"

Everyone scattered into various directions, but Chu Huan Wen chased after them, and even headed towards Huan Qing Yan's direction.

His speed was exceptionally quick, much faster than the speed Chu Huan Wen displayed earlier.

Within a blink of an eye, several people were injured.

Everyone scattered in different directions, they no longer wanted the sea elephant. Their lives were far more important.

Huan Qing Yan also followed a small group to escape. The lobster shaped Chu Huan Wen was able to move exceptionally swiftly and smoothly within the water, zooming left and right, injuring a person in every turn he took!

Huan Qing Yan thought quickly and formulated a plan.

Using the instant when Chu Huan Wen was on the other side of the area; she took the risk and went to the sea elephant carcass and slashed it using a knife meant for harvesting. After a series of slashes, fresh blood begun to flow out of the carcass.

Chu Huan Wen's attention was finally attracted to the scent of sea elephant blood and gave up on chasing them.

Huan Qing Yan and her group sighed in relief,along with Wang Chao and his gang.

When Wang Chao and his group stopped. With their souls still shivering, they shouted from afar, "Did you guys call the plate spirit?"

Hou Ning Xue, who was scared out of her wits, meekly replied, "No, we did not call it…"

Wang Chao sneered, "Humph, you must have called the plate spirit! My cousin's told me about this before. Individuals who call out the plate spirit will easily enter a state of madness. This is a forbidden spell set by the Academia, once discovered, you guys will be finished! No wonder you guys still managed to kill two sea elephants despite your weak team. I'm going to report you! Just wait until your expelled by the academia!"

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