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Huan Qing Yan replied with impatience, "Do not try to influence me, I will never like Bai Chen Feng. I will only like Young Master Ya."

"I understand." the reincarnated girl gave a muffled reply.

In the center of the dinning hall,the duel intensified.Nan Gong Bei Cheng felt the he was losing face as he was unable to defeat Bei Chen Feng after so long; thus he decided to use his stronger techniques.Bei Chen Feng's expression didn't change. But it was apparent that he was becoming more prudent, when suddenly, Nan Gong Bei Cheng managed to land a slash on Bei Chen Feng's arm in a moment of inattention

The slash was so deep that one could see his bones!

Fresh blood gushed out.

At that moment, it was unknown who shouted "The Alpha Hall Teachers are here!"

The observers who heard this immediately scattered and started to leave.

"What are all of you making a ruckus here for? Did Beta Hall come to Alpha Hall to bully its new students? Do you want to be confined?" Kang Hao Ming had already spotted the commotion from afar along with the injured Bai Chen Feng. Bai Chen Feng was the person that he had personally recruited and was also the key figure who allowed him to become Hall Master for the next two years, so naturally, who would he help?!

Nan Gong Bei Cheng and his gang tried to slip away, but Kang Hao Ming pointed a finger at them from afar and froze their movements.

"Woah, Lord Hall Master is awesome!"

"It is said that Lord Hall Master is a Mystic Spirit Master…"

"Are the teachers of Surging Wave Academia all Mystic Spirit Masters? Fine! Treat it as though I am uneducated…"

Kang Hao Ming glared, "What are all of you still looking at? Do you want to be confined as well?"

The observers instantly dispersed.

Kang Hao Ming intended to protect Bai Chen Feng without asking any further details, he used the reason of old students bullying new students to send Nan Gong Bei Cheng and his gang into confinement.

Before he left he also consoled Bai Chen Feng, "Properly take care of that injury and do not think too much about this. This Hall Master guarantees that this brat will never dare to trifle with you again. You have done right, protecting your woman from other men is what a real man should do…"

Huan Qing Yan… was speechless.

Is this how a teacher guides his student?

Seeing as most of the people have already left, she also wanted to leave. But when she saw the handsome face of Bai Chen Feng slowly becoming pale due to blood loss, she felt slightly bad about it.

No matter what this fella had done, he was now hurt because of her.

In addition, the reincarnated girl was emitting feelings of anguish, "Huan Qing Yan, I beg you.Please bandage his wound, if he continues to lose blood it would affect his cultivation."

This time the reincarnated girl seemed have controlled herself and did not directly take control of the body.

Huan Qing Yan complied, she took out the medicinal powder meant for external injuries that Ji Mo Ya had passed to her in the past and walked up to him before carefully applying it on his wound.

Bai Chen Feng gritted his teeth in pain while smiling with happiness.

Huan Qing Yan said with dislike, "Bai Chen Feng, what is with that ugly expression you are showing. You have never been an impulsive person before, have you eaten the wrong medicine today?"

As she spoke, her hand did not stop its action of applying medicine.

"Little Yan, I knew you still loved me dearly." Bai Chen Feng revealed a devilish grin.

"You are overthinking! Please stop being so senseless; I no longer have feelings for you.The person I like is…"

Before the words Young Master Ya could be said.Bai Chen Feng suddenly lowered his head, and spoke beside her ear using a very equivocal posture.Breaking her sentence, "Stop quibbling Little Yan, I know you deliberate said all those things to make me angry.This lord had apologized to you a long time ago. I have done you wrong in the past, but I will treat you well from now on."

Behind his gaze,his eyes were filled with all sorts of indescribable emotions complexity, guilt, hope, infatuation etc…

Huan Qing Yan felt a thump in her heart, this Bai Chen Feng is he for real?

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