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Encountering two best quality individuals.

One praises her own goods, and the other was a prime example of beauty in the eye of the beholder.

Everyone watched the situation with great interest. Huan Qing Yan felt that it would only be a waste of time talking to these people whose brains did not function like normal people.

"Tell me, what do you want then?"

The robust male, Wang Chao, pondered for a moment before speaking sinisterly, "Cover yourself in that puddle of filth on the ground and my cousin will forgive you!"

At that instant, a domineering voice came from the crowd, "If the two of you cover yourself with the same filth on the ground, maybe I will forgive both of you!"

Bai Chen Feng was emitting a devilish aura that was arrogant and domineering as he casually walked out and stood beside Huan Qing Yan.

Bai Trash was here again! Huan Qing Yan tactically shifted away from him.

Bai Chen Feng's presence was too strong. Amongst the group of new recruits, his Seven Star Spirit Master's aura had caused the gathered crowd to unconsciously take a step back in caution.

Lin Fei Fei and Wang Chao exchanged a glance. They thought that the thin and weak young girl was alone and easy to bully, yet Huan Qing Yan unexpectedly stood up, and when they thought Huan Qing Yan was also someone that they could push around easily, an even stronger person came out…

"Who are you?"

Bai Chen Feng did not reply, but a few people within the crowd replied for him instead.

"The Ninth Prince of Hanging Cloud Empire, Bai Chen Feng!"

"Twenty years old, Seven Star Spirit Master, Egg Star Talent…"

When Wang Chao heard that it was a Seven Star Spirit Master, his face changed. Even though the two of them were Six Star Spirit Masters, but if a fight were to happen, the chances of them obtaining victory would be slim.

In addition, it was a person with a high status of prince, so it would only cause people to be even more afraid of the consequences.

Lin Fei Fei cover her face and started crying, "Do the people of Hanging Cloud Empire always bully people? It is her who stained this lady with her filth first, yet one after the other came out to protect her; do you think that the Xuan Chu Empire has no one and thus, you want to bully us?"

She deliberately increased the volume of her voice while pointing out the countries, hoping to incite conflict of nations and get the people of Xuan Chu to stand on her side.

Unfortunately, she was too bossy usually and thus had low popularity amongst the nobles of her age. On the contrary, a few individuals of commoner backgrounds were beginning to have the desire to help.

Bai Chen Feng smiled with devilish charm, "The teacher had said before, within Surging Wave Academia, there is no royalty or nobility; we are all new Probationary Students, so do not try to bring in our countries. Since you want to bully my woman, then you have to prepare for the consequences!"

Huan Qing Yan was at a great loss.

What the heck was happening, who were you calling your woman! If Young Master Ya were to find out, she would be in deep trouble.

"Arhem, this is in fact a small matter; since Lord Ninth is speaking for this lady, then let us just end things here."

Wang Chao changed extremely fast as he retreated while pulling away Lin Fei Fei.

Lin Fei Fei looked very unwilling, but since the opponent was too strong, she could only shut her mouth.

Hou Ning Xue who was behind Huan Qing Yan all this time, stood out and bowed, "Thank you, Lord Ninth."

Just as Huan Qing Yan was about to use Shifting Phantom Steps to hide into the crowd, the voice of Teacher Cui reached them, "I gave all of you time to rest, yet all of you are causing a ruckus, instead. Fine then, there's no need to rest! We will start the assessment now!"

The observers retracted their thoughts of watching a show and got excited instead.

Only a meagre amount of individuals were suffering from seasickness, the remaining absolutely did not require rest.

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