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Chapter 354

Mo Si’s figure appeared in a flash within the carriage, “Fifth Elder!”

“That girl, who is she?”

Mo Si replied without an expression, “A new student that Surging Wave Academia recruited from Hanging Cloud Empire…”

Ji Mo Kai Yuan stroked the black beard under his chin, “Surging Wave Academia have contributed greatly this time; Kang Hao Ming, that brat, usually focuses on earning personal achievements, but it looks like he is also somewhat a responsible person.”

“Ok, we understood now. Mo Si, you can leave now.”

Mo Si withdrew away.

His expression continued to be expressionless, but his heart was in fact beating frantically.

If the two elders were to discover that he deliberately hid the identity of the girl, would they dice him up in pieces?

They might not! His life and death could only be dictated by the Young Master, no one else had the jurisdiction…

He answered that way in consideration of his Young Master’s thoughts; he estimated that the Young

Master would not wish the person he liked to be exposed too quickly, doing so would only cause her to die faster. For the Young Master, he lied in front of a King Spirit Master, so it could be said to have done his best.

Hopefully, when the truth was out, he would not die too miserably!

Amitabha*, may the sages of the past bless him!

(Cuppa: This is a Buddhist chant…)

Surging Wave Ocean, a boundless sight lay in front.

This was the largest ocean of the Spirit Treasure Continent and was situated north-east of the human territory.

The Hanging Cloud Empire was located closely to it, while the Immortal Ripple Empire was also connected to it as well. Along with the empires was the Purple Cloud Mountain Range, which covered such a wide expanse that no one knew what lain on the other side of it.

Referring Surging Wave Ocean as the number one sea of Spirit Treasure Continent was not

not an exaggeration.

Surging Wave Academia was constructed at the bottom of Surging Wave Ocean.

After more than half a month, the recruitment flying ship finally entered the territorial waters of Surging Wave Ocean.

The new recruits all displayed dazzling expressions and shouted out in excitement as they stood on the edges of the flying ship, appreciating the beautiful scene of Surging Wave Ocean. On the surface of the azure blue ocean were bursts of waves, while the seabirds would randomly fly past and cry out with their bright voices towards the sky.

The blue sky and white clouds, and the warm sea breeze, would make people feel relaxed and happy.

Bai Chen Feng stuck with Huan Qing Yan obstinately. On his hands were two spirit buns, and they were part of the free spirit dishes prepared for the recruits on the flying ship; however, the amount of spirit energy it possessed was miniscule.

“Little Ya, here… it’s for us new recruits. It

recruits. It is said that after we enter the Academia, you can purchase spirit dishes with spirit stones, but if one did not possess any spirit stone, then they can only eat ordinary food.”

Huan Qing Yan ignored him completely.

Bai Chen Feng seemed to have gotten used to being ignored and did not feel frustrated, “Little Yan, you should stop worrying about Huan Jiu Li. He was once possessed by a Greater Demon, so the demons would likely not do anything to him. In addition, this prince has also witnessed him following the demons willingly, so there might be some reason for his behavior.”

Huan Qing Yan could only sigh. As things had reached this point, except for praying for Huan Jiu Li’s safety, she had no other options as well.

Worrying about Huan Jiu Li was one, she was even more worried about Ji Mo Ya, how was his injuries and treatment by the time he returned to his clan. to his clan. The Ji Mo Clan was rather far from the Hanging Cloud Empire as were a few empires between them; she wondered if they managed to return yet or not.

Would he still be in danger…

“Eat up!” Bai Chen Feng offered the bun again.

“It’s disgusting, not eating.” Huan Qing Yan did not accept.

Bai Chen Feng’s handsome face continued wearing a smile, “Then this prince shall eat it then, this prince cannot compare to a spirit chef like you, I am not picky as long as there is something to eat!”

Huan Qing Yan did not believe him.

Bai Chen Feng this fella had managed to improve to a Seven-Star Spirit Master during their journey on the flying ship, causing the teacher to be all smiles from joy. He managed to rank up just by eating a couple dozen of spirit buns?

As she pondered, Huan Qing Yan snatched a bun from Bai Chen Feng’s hand and took a bite.

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