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Chapter 349

“Of course to learn and improve my abilities, become powerful enough to be called an elite of the human race, and offer my services for humanity!” Huan Qing Yan replied resolutely.

Ji Mo Ya’s smile deepened, “Good, continue to spin nonsense!”

Huan Qing Yan also smiled, “Hehe, I just want to go, as there’s no future staying in Hanging Cloud Empire.”

This time, Ji Mo Ya had no reaction.

“Ok, going to Surging Wave Academia is pretty good.” Ji Mo Ya had wanted to bring her to Surging Wave Academia before, but as it was not yet time for their recruitment, he pushed the idea back to focus on the impending danger first.

Yet, Surging Wave Academia had unexpectedly started their recruitment earlier.

But the most crucial thing was, she could go anywhere she wanted and do anything she liked, as long as she stayed happy.

He would support anything if she remained happy.

“You are not young too, which academy’s student are you?” Huan Qing Yan lifted her head, her shining eyes were energetic and attractive.

“I have not

attended any academy before.”

He was accepted into the Holy Court since young; however, that was because of his Dragon Spirit Treasure. However, he did have some relations with Surging Wave and held a position within the academia.

The Four Great Academies of Spirit Treasure Continent: Surging Wave Academia, Frozen Ice Academia, Apex Academia, and Nine State Academia were all under the management of the Holy Court.

“Young Master Ya, I still do not know how old you are! People have said that it is hard to guess the age of cultivators, are you perhaps already seventy or eighty years old?” Huan Qing Yan stretched her little hands and started messing around, she touched the corner of Ji Mo Ya’s eyes, “Let me check if there are any wrinkles?”

Ji Mo Ya’s smile rippled, he was so good-looking that it was beyond words.

“Even if I am seventy or eighty, you are still my woman, are you thinking of backing out?”

Huan Qing Yan displayed an expression as though she had made a huge loss of profit, “Of

“Of course I must back out, I can still consider an uncle, but I firmly reject a grandplevel person. It’s an old cow eating young grass*!”

(Cuppa: A common idiom used for old man who have a very young wife or lover, young enough that they could be their daughters or granddaughters.)

Ji Mo Ya grabbed her little hand and placed it near his lips for a kiss, his gaze was filled with tendersweet love that could drown a person, “If you back out, I will punish you on the spot, and turn raw rice into cooked rice*.”

(Cuppa: An idiom that means making it too late to change anything. Normally used after a man beds a woman and taking her first time. In the olden days, when that happens, the woman and her family have no choice but to let her be married to the man who beds her, to protect her and her family’s reputation, and that most men from reputable families would not accept a non-virgin to be married into their families.)

When Huan


When Huan Qing Yan sensed movement coming from his hands again, she immediately froze in shock.

Hey! Young Master Ya, that’s enough! Are you planning to thoroughly walk the path of a rogue!

“I will not back out, I will never back out!” Huan Qing Yan immediately adapted to the situation and pleaded for mercy.

Ji Mo Ya displayed an expression of authority and said, “That’s my girl.”

Huan Qing Yan continued, “How’s the condition of your body? I was very worried.” While she was being touched, she dared not use too much strength on him.

“My internal injuries were recovering over the past few days, but due to the heavy injuries, my self-recovery abilities were not effective, I might need to return to my clan…’ Ji Mo Ya replied.

Huan Qing Yan was startled, “Ok, then you should quickly return.”

Although she could not bear to part with him, his health was more important.

The fighting that happened outside had stopped for some time already.

Under the assault of several humans of the same cultivation level, the Silver Wolf King was unable King was unable to escape and fell within the Five Black Mountains. Its subordinates and underlings had also mostly died along with it.

The human senior cultivators were currently spread out and searching for Ji Mo Ya…

Ji Mo Ya’s brows lifted and smiled, “There’s no hurry, this Young Master has something more important thing to do.”

“What is it?”

Ji Mo Ya searched his storage ring before taking out a small exquisite bell. It was unknown what the bell’s material was but when it moved, a series of silvery ringing that was exceptionally crisp and clear was released from it.

When Huan Qing Yan saw it, she could not turn her eyes away. It was so pretty!

It was literally a work of the heavens; it had a classical look, yet it emitted an antique and aged feeling.

“What is this? It’s so pretty!”

Ji Mo Ya placed the bell within the palm of Huan Qing Yan, “It’s a flying equipment. From now on, I forbid you from getting too close to Bai Chen Feng, this Young Master does not like it.”

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