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She left Ji Mo Ya's side and stood up. She felt some faint shaking. So, when she released her consciousness out to inspect, she saw the terrifying scene of a raging Silver Wolf King rampaging outside.

The Five Black Mountains had nearly been flattened to oblivion.

Yet, it was still searching. Whenever the Silver Wolf King discovered something that was remotely strange, it would be turned into dust…

Huan Qing Yan's heart was filled with lingering fear. Fortunately, Ji Mo Ya had the foresight to disguise the ancient bowl, turning it into an ordinary stone.

The most common and abundant thing that could be found within Five Black Mountains, were also stones and rocks.

If not, the Silver Wolf King would have discovered them long ago.

Despite the sky and earth being turned upside down outside, the dimension was only mildly affected, and was not a great hindrance.

As Huan Qing Yan could not sleep, she looked at Ji Mo Ya and saw that he was still sleeping.

There were no external injuries that could be seen on him except for the faint traces of blood that was on his skin, making Huan Qing Yan feel enchanted.

This was because she felt hungry after her nap.

Although the bloodstains on Ji Mo Ya had dried up, the fragrance was as thick as ever.

Huan Qing Yan licked her lips and thought, Ji Mo Ya's blood was so precious, since it had flowed out already, there was no reason to let it go to waste, so why not let her eat it?

When she thought up to here, Huan Qing Yan's stirring heart could no longer contain itself.

Earlier on, she had only cleaned the upper part of his body. So, Huan Qing Yan lowered her head and started licking his waist. There were still bloodstains there and was also the place where the fragrance was thickest.

His blood did not possess any trace of the raw smell that blood usually had Even though it was caked and dried, it still emitted a delicious scent that urged the appetite.

Without caring about morals, Huan Qing Yan licked it once. Although it was not warm blood, the taste was still pretty good.

As she remembered how she had wiped away some of it earlier, she felt that she had been too wasteful!

If she knew, she would have started licking since yesterday.

Huan Qing Yan took one lick after another, like how one would lick ice cream. As she was at the height of licking, she suddenly felt a hot gaze landing on the top of her head, staring at her.

When she lifted her head, she noticed that Ji Mo Ya had woken up without her knowledge.

He was looking at her with a burning hot gaze. His gaze was shiny black and deep; within the depths of it, there seemed to be two bundles of flames burning.

Huan Qing Yan licked her lips slowly to savor the flavor, before she acted like a cat that was caught sneakily eating food, trying to find somewhere to hide.

"Oh, you are awake! Are you feeling better?"

Ji Mo Ya pressed Huan Qing Yan's head down, "Continue. This Young Master can continue to remain fainted for a while longer."

Huan Qing Yan's face turned a deep shade of red immediately. Ji Mo Ya was in an unconscious state earlier on, so she only treated her actions as thought she was tasting some good food, licking happily without any other desires.

Now that she was being pressed against his stomach, her mind could only process the information of the masculinity and sexiness of the man in front of her. This made her blood heat up in an instant and nearly caused her to have a nosebleed.

"Wuu wuu, let me go, I did not do anything…" Huan Qing Yan struggled.

Ji Mo Ya's hand was pressing down on her head; however, the strength he used was in fact not strong, it was at the level that she could escape from, and with half of her face sticking to his waist, a spark was ignited between the two!

Ji Mo Ya's breathing got heavy, his internal injuries were still very heavy and could not handle Huan Qing Yan if she resisted too violently. If he tried, his blood vessels would likely burst again.

"Yan lass, be obedient and don't struggle."

When Huan Qing Yan heard his weak voice, she stopped resisting and dare not move.

"Then release me."

Ji Mo Ya faked a cough, "My internal injuries are too heavy, and I do not have any medicine on me that could help my recovery. I might faint again anytime, and if I do, I might never be able to wake up again."

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