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Chapter 340

“Little Yan, Young Master Ya would not allow himself to be in such a dangerous place, lets return,” Bai Chen Feng said.

There was a large amount of demonic energy, yet there were no demons in sight as they entered.

However, not seeing any demons does not represent anything; the current atmosphere was very strange, it was as though someone was observing them in secret.

“Young Mistress, there are Demon Generals, let’s go, let’s go…” Huan Jiu Li had just started to speak, so his words were not smooth.

At that moment, just as Bai Chen Feng turned his head, a flying bird monster flew out of the mass of black demonic energy; it was heading towards the trio who were currently on the flying magic equipment.

Bai Chen Feng was unable to react fast enough and was unable to steer away in time. Just as the trio was about to

collide with the bird monster.

Huan Jiu Li suddenly released a shouted towards the bird monster; this shout sounded like a beast, but it effectively scared the bird monster away, causing it to frantically fly away.

Bai Chen Feng and Huan Qing Yan also broke into cold sweat in shock.

Huan Jiu Li’s condition seemed abnormal. He was possessed by a greater demon before, so did he pick up some of their behaviors?

Yet he did not display any of the symptoms before at all!

But now was not the time to investigate.

Several demon generals appeared from the thick demonic energy and surrounded the trio.

“Human, since you are here, you can forget about leaving! Hehe, obediently offer your spirit treasures for us to eat…”

Bai Chen Feng’s handsome face revealed a trace of anger, “Only a few Demon Generals, yet you dare to trespass into Hanging Cloud Empire, are you here to offer

offer your demon souls?”

The demon generals laughed out loud.

The Demon King had went to pursue that human Mystic Spirit Master while they were tasked with the boring job of guarding here. Now that a few low rank human cultivators have appeared, how could they not feast on these delicious snacks?

But very quickly, the demons noticed something was not right. As the True Spirit Master seniors from Surging Wave Academia had chased after Bai Chen Feng and group by the trail they left behind, it caused the current situation to be in a standstill.

“Demons, hand over yourselves!”

At that instant, spirit treasures and magic equipment appeared in the sky, and the situation was in chaos.

At the same time, a bird demon that was circling the area shouted in alarm, “The Universe Eight Diagrams Formation has opened! They are trying to escape…”

From afar, the Silver Wolf King who was in pursuit

in pursuit of Teacher Kang had also discovered the change, it immediately headed back towards the formation.

Teacher Kang had wanted to run, but those True Spirit Masters were all his direct disciples, so without any other choice, he must return as well.

The area was in chaos; in addition, the demonic energy had caused vision to be limited as well. Huan Qing Yan jumped off the flying disc, but she did not know why she did that!

Huan Qing Yan was flustered; as she fell towards the ground, it felt like an invisible strength was pulling her towards a certain direction.

She screamed, but before the scream finished its course, she felt an exceptionally familiar feeling.

An arm pulled her, causing her to enter a cool yet gentle embrace.

Ji Mo Ya was covered in blood, his expression also showed that he was very weak, yet his noble and graceful posture remained the same remained the same as always.

When Huan Qing Yan saw him, tears of emotions fell, “Young Master Ya, are… you hurt?”

It’s really him, he was trapped here!

And from the looks of it, his injuries were not light.

Ji Mo Ya curled his lips and displayed a mesmerizing expression, “How did you know I am here?”

“My instincts. I have been feeling uneasy for the past few days, I am afraid…” Huan Qing Yan wiped her face of tears and sweat, “Let’s escape using this chaos, we cannot win the Demon King.”

Ji Mo Ya lowered his head and kissed her cheeks, his voice was filled with seduction, “Are you here to die together in the name of love? Hmm?”

Huan Qing Yan’s heart was fluttering with sweetness and pain, “Wuu wuu, do not say words like that, I am afraid, let us go quickly. You three, quickly come help me support him to escape.”

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