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Chapter 339

He had already prepared for death from the start; he had viewed demons as his sworn enemies for life.

At that moment, the smile of Huan Qing Yan appeared in his mind; he really wished he could see her one last time but unfortunately, his spirit energy was not enough. He wondered what would be that girl’s expression when she learnt of his death? Would she feel sad?

Ji Mo Ya unconsciously curled his lips, displaying a smile as gentle as the sea.

Suddenly, the formation received a huge shock, and the sound of the Silver Wolf King going into frenzy was heard.

“Ji Mo Clan’s little turtle, come out and die for this daddy! Do not think of dragging this out any longer, that King Spirit Master you were hoping to arrive had already been deceived and led away, so no one would come to save you. Come out, you little turtle! Eh?

Who’s sending themselves here to die?”

His angry shouts stopped.

Very quickly, the voice of someone was heard, “Audacious demon, how dare you run rampant in the territory of the humans! This old man is from the Surging Wave Academia…”

The Silver Wolf King had been feeling extremely frustrated due to having no results after spending so many days. A great Demon King like it could not even breakthrough a formation. If the others were to find out, his reputation would completely be destroyed.

“Humph! You are just a small Mystic Spirit Master, how dare you sprout nonsense in front of this grand-daddy, time to die!”

When the Silver Wolf King heard the name Surging Wave Academia, it was obviously getting anxious; it did not know whether Surging Wave Academia had sent more than one Mystic Spirit Master here.

The Surging Wave Academia was known as one of the Four Great Academies of the humans. They were

were under the direct management of the Holy Court.

It was one of the elite forces of humans, and the number of King Spirit Masters within the academy were also many.

If too many people came here today, the mission might likely become a failure.

“Demon King?” Teacher Kang was dumbstruck. He did not expect that a Demon King level existence would appear near Hanging Cloud Empire. He had assumed that it was a lowly demon who had sneaked in here, so he wanted to use this incident to establish the might of the academy in front of the new students.

Yet, he had unexpectedly encountered a tough nut!

He was only a Mystic Spirit Master; how could he handle a Demon King?

He better run as quickly as possible and seek for more reinforcements!

This was not only for himself, but also for the hundred odd students nearby as well.

Teacher Kang quickly convinced himself as he turned tail

turned tail and ran.

Upon seeing the human turn and run, the Silver Wolf King knew that he was running away to seek for reinforcements, how could it allow him to run away just like that?

If the human was calm, he might have considered the probability of people hiding nearby to ambush him. Even if there was no King Spirit Master around, having several Mystic Spirit Masters working together would give it a tough time as well.

Seeing Teacher Kang running away immediately upon contact, it guessed that this human must have come alone.

It must stop him from calling reinforcements.

“Don’t think of running, give me your life!”

Ji Mo Ya and group noticed that there was no movement outside, so he spread out his senses out to investigate and noticed that the Silver Wolf King had disappeared.

Leaving only a few lesser demons to guard and surround the formation.

Mo Si was very excited, “Young Master, this is Master, this is a great chance, let us break out now.”

“Who knows, there might be members of Surging Wave Academia waiting for us, those Demon Generals outside are unable to stop us.”

At that moment, a circular flying disc appeared outside the formation.

When Ji Mo Ya saw clearly the trio who was on the flying disc, he was shocked; feeling unbelievable, he took a closer look…

Huan Qing Yan!

Why is this girl here!

The trio, Huan Qing Yan, Bai Chen Feng, and Huan Jiu Li, was currently on high alert while riding the flying magic equipment. Huan Qing Yan even loudly shouted, “Young Master Ya! Are you here…”

“Young Master Ya, where are you?”

Using her instincts, she noted that faint trace of spirit energy within this thick heavy environment filled with black demonic energy.

Only now did Bai Chen Feng and Huan Jiu Li understand that Huan Qing Yan had come here for Ji Mo Ya.

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