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Chapter 336

Throughout the journey, Huan Qing Yan would encounter Bai Chen Feng daily.

When she wanted to take a breather on the ship deck during early morning, she would see Bai Chen Feng. When she wanted to take a breather during noon, Bai Chen Feng was still there, standing guard outside her resting room.

As the flying ship was very big, every new student was assigned their individual resting room.

So at night, when she thought Bai Chen Feng would not be around, she decided to exit the room to take a breather, but Bai Chen Feng was still there.

Huan Qing Yan was damn frustrated, ‘Bai Chen Feng, what game are you trying to play!’

So she decided to just treat him as an invisible person; she also ignored all the envious and jealous gazes that she experienced on the flying ship as well.

Fortunately, Huan Jiu Li was around to accompany her; she also made sure to prepare medicinal

food for Huan Jiu Li every day.

Seven days went by just like that, Huan Jiu Li had also completed one full course of medicinal food, but there were still no signs of him speaking yet. As Huan Qing Yan had completely used up her stock of Sea Life Flower, she had no choice but to wait till she reached the Surging Wave Academia and look for more of it.

Along the way, for unknown reasons, Huan Qing Yan always felt a flustered feeling in her heart.

Today, the flying ship was also leaving the boundary that marked the territory of the Hanging Cloud Empire.

Many of the new students went up deck; their eyes were filled with a small reluctance to leave.

Suddenly, someone pointed towards the skyline not far away in surprise, “Why is the sky so dark over there? That’s so strange!”

“Is it going to rain?”

“No! That’s demonic energy! Oh the heavens! Such thick demonic energy!”

When they

they heard that it was demonic energy, everyone on the flying ship got panicked. For such thick demonic energy to be present, there can only be danger!

There were already so many deaths with only one Greater Demon wreaking havoc within the capital, looking at the amount of demonic energy, how many demons were there?

Weren’t the demons held back by the Human Defense Line? How come there were so many demons flocking to Hanging Cloud recently!

Mummy! So terrifying!

Teacher Kang also came up to the deck of the ship due to the commotion caused by everyone.

When he saw the situation, his expression changed greatly, “That direction is the location of Five Black Mountains! It is indeed a large amount of demonic energy. Everyone wait here, I will head over there to investigate…”

Five Black Mountains?

Huan Qing Yan felt familiar with that name, where had she heard of that before?

Battle of the Five Black Mountains?

From the memories of the reincarnated

the reincarnated girl, after the Battle of Five Black Mountains, the Five Black Mountains of Hanging Cloud was renamed and called the Perish Mountain. It was renamed in memory of the most excellent and talented genius of the human race, the one who was said to have the greatest hope of becoming a Sage…

From the records, the Battle of Five Black Mountains started when the Silver Wolf King, the strongest assassin of the demon race, ambushed the genius of the human race at Five Black Mountains!

The humans were greatly enraged, igniting war between humans and demons after more than a decade of truce!

Who was so awesome that his death was enough to ignite a great war between the two races?

It seemed to be a member of the Ji Mo Clan?

Ji Mo Clan? Genius of the human race? Five Black Mountains of the Hanging Cloud Empire?

When she connected the three points, Huan Qing Yan’s heart immediately became cold!

“Reincarnated immediately became cold!

“Reincarnated girl, the Battle of Five Black Mountains, is Ji Mo Ya the person who died?”

As the reincarnated girl knew she could no longer hide it, “Yes, it is Ji Mo Ya that perished within the Five Black Mountains. I have mentioned before, the two of you are not fated to be together, it is the will of the heavens…”

“Why did you not tell me earlier and deliberately hide it?”

If she knew it earlier, she would have stopped Ji Mo Ya from leaving, or at least she could give a warning or two to him in advance.

Huan Qing Yan felt both fear and anxiety welling up in her heart.

The reincarnated girl said, “You should know that my soul is incomplete, and I could only clearly remember the things regarding myself; the other memories were all in bits and pieces. I only finally recalled everything when we reached this place, so how is that deliberately hiding?”

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