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Chapter 333

Although the Stellar Rain was heavy, its duration was also very short, stopping within a minute.

It came and went away quickly.

Huan Qing Yan looked around and found that nearly half of the participants were drenched.

It was inevitable that there were individuals who did not meet the minimum requirements but still wanted to try their luck; however, with the Stellar Rain, they were easily exposed.

Kang Hao Ming was expressionless when he said, “Those who were soaked, you can leave.”

Huan Qing Yan and Huan Jiu Li had cleared the first round of the test.

As she was cheating, Huan Qing Yan’s heart couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous.

She did not know why, but ever since Ji Mo Ya had left the Hanging Cloud Capital, her guts to act recklessly had disappeared as well.

She also did not know where Ji Mo Ya had gone to, did he continue to travel about or did he return to

the Ji Mo Clan…

Did he meet a new and beautiful girl? Sigh!

The second round was very simple, checking the spirit master’s star rank. Everyone just needed to release their spirit treasures and the number of stars they possessed was displayed clearly for all to see.

Most of them were Six Stars, while a few have Seven Stars and even Eight Stars as well.

However, most of them were quite old in age.

This round, there were also individuals who did not meet the criteria.

Take Huan Qing Yan and Huan Jiu Li for example, they were both only Five Star Spirit Masters, and there were over a dozen participants who were like them.

Kang Hao Ming was not surprised, he called for three members of Surging Wave Academia to do approach them and perform an investigation.

Huan Qing Yan took out her certificate that proved that she was the champion for this year’s Spirit Chef Festival, while Huan Jiu

Jiu Li took out his token to prove that he was an Imperial Chef of the Hanging Cloud Empire.

Both of them cleared the check easily with that.

Of the remaining people, some still tried to sneak their way through. A few said that they knew how to make Spirit Dishes while a few directly confessed and requested for leniency.

“I am fifty-seven this year and am already a Five-and-Half Star Spirit Master, give me two years and I will become a Six Star Spirit Master, so please let me pass…” A middle aged uncle pleaded.

“No, please leave!” The staff of Surging Wave Academia rejected his plea without any hesitation.

The guards quickly approached to bring the man away.

“Big brother, I am a Walnut Star. I also know how to sing, dance and act cute, I can talk, can laugh and also know how to warm the bed… Ah no, I am a Basic Spirit Chef and know

and know how to cook soup, so please let me pass!” A woman in her thirties blinked her eyes coquettishly as she spoke with anticipation.

“No, please leave!”


Over thirty participants failed to meet the requirements, as the investigators reached the last person.

This was a skinny and weak looking young girl about sixteen years of age. She looked pretty and possessed a refined look.

When the staff investigated her, she bit her lips for a moment before speaking in a soft voice, “I am an Almond Star, Five Star Spirit Master, I know, I know… how to manufacture Grey Spirit Worms.”

The other participants nearby all begun to mock, “The additional criteria from Surging Wave Academia is to be a Spirit Chef, so what if she knew how to manufacture Grey Spirit Worms?”

“She seemed to be from the Hou Clan, the Hou Clan’s technique to manufacture Grey Spirit Worms is number one within the Hanging Cloud Empire.”


When Huan Qing Empire.”


When Huan Qing Yan heard them, she turned towards that direction.

The staffs of Surging Wave Academia frowned, just as he was about to speak, Huan Qing Yan suddenly spoke.

“Dear seniors, please hear my words. Grey Spirit Worms are considered a type of special Spirit Food Ingredient that has a probability of boosting the agility attribute. The technique that this young lady possesses might be what the noble academy requires. As the champion of Hanging Cloud’s Spirit Chef Festival, I have seen the Grey Spirit Worms produced by the Hou Clan, they are both large and good, possessing a high quality…”

The three seniors of Surging Wave Academia looked at each other before they turned their heads towards the stage.

Kang Hao Ming had naturally heard her, so he said, “Let’s keep her for now and wait till the end of the recruitment. If we have extra slots available, we will give her the chance.”

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